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An amazing – and not in a good way – handbook ‘for blacks only’, used by #BlackBrunch activists, is circulating the internet – and they are none too happy about it.

You see, the handbook not only is a manual for how to disrupt businesses, but it also explains how to target whites and avoid arrests.

The absolutely unbelievable story is reported by WeaselZippers:

On Saturday and Sunday morning in California and New York, activists from the Black Lives Matter group invaded numerous eateries shouting, harassing customers and screaming anti-police rhetoric. Their stated goal was to impress upon people of all races the struggles of what it’s like to be black in America. Unfortunately for them, their cause was mostly ignored and in many cases mocked by patrons and social media.

In a document obtained by me, activists outline their plans for disrupting businesses, assigning members of their group to stall and talk with store owners and management. They assign various persons the tasks of taking photos, shooting video, interacting with police and ensuring the safety of illegal and disruptive demonstrations.

Furthermore, the document goes on to outline the exact nature of the struggle that the# BlackLivesMatter group feels it is involved in presently, including among other things, how this document is not to be shared via social media and should only be read by those who are of African-American descent.





Please note the misspelling of #blacklivesmatter is spelled #blacklivesmater on the flyer they are sending out. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons no one in the mainstream media took your ‘protest’ too seriously. Or perhaps you’re just ridiculous.

As if this isn’t just another way to proclaim supposed ‘victimhood’. It’s 2015, folks. Time to grow up and stop blaming someone else for all your problems.

The full documents can be read here. Please share if you agree this is a huge overstep on the part of the black community that only serves to breed hared of the white community.

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LIBERAL CHICK: ‘White Devils Invented Brunch to Jam There Racistic Supremacy In Black’s Faces’

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie, or email the author at


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