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Google + Obama = Fascism


So far, since January of 2009, representatives of Google have met with the Obama administration 230 times.  That works out to almost once a week.  Cabinet members don’t get into the White House that often.

Of course, Cabinet members don’t do this stuff either:

  • Google employees contributed more to Obama’s re-election than any company but Microsoft.
  • Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, made sure Google designed and built Obama’s voter-turnout system.
  • Schmidt helped recruit talent and choose technology for the campaign.
  • Schmidt coached Obama campaign manager Jim Messina on leading a large organization.
  • When the ObamaCare website crashed, it was Google to the rescue.

Needless to say, President Obama was indebted to Schmidt and to Google.  And, he got payback.

In 2012 the FTC ignored the recommendation of it’s own staff with respect to abusive trade practices by Google.  The FTC dropped the inquiry, after all, Google only enjoys a 67% market share in mobile.

Google has been pushing for implementation of net neutrality regulations.  There were specific provisions that Google liked a whole lot, and those provisions were included over the objections of Obama’s FCC chair, Tom Wheeler, who came around to see the light at the last minute.

Oh, and then there were those 15 pages of regulations that for some reason or another Google didn’t like.  The official line from the FCC is that the pages were pulled because of a “last minute submission from a major California based company.”  Probably California Pizza Kitchen.

We said all that to note that all that is nothing.  Chump change.

Google changes their search algorithms frequently to improve the accuracy of their searches and to make more money.  They’re about to change their algorithms again, and they’re going to build in math to determine “truthfulness.”

In other words, Google will determine what is and isn’t “true,” and they will significantly downgrade the ratings of websites they determine to be “untrue.”  If a webpage drops off the first page of Google rankings, it will get no hits.  About of 92% of clicks come from page one.

Bottom line, Google gets to decide whether FoxNews or MSNBC is being truthful about a particular story.  And, their opinion will determine which sites are visited.

What the heck, we can trust the #2 Obama campaign donation company with those decisions, right?  The guys who get to write the regulations for their industry will be fair, won’t they?  The guys whose executive chairman parties with the Obama campaign team.  They’re cool.

You can be sure the Republican Leadership won’t say anything about this.  Just like the Democrats wouldn’t say anything if the Koch Brothers were in the White House on a weekly basis.



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