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Gay Groups That Want Christianity Outlawed are Furious at this Governor


Governor Mike Pence just made the Gay Mafia’s hit list.  Well, make that moved up on their hit list, because we’re pretty sure he was already on it.  Pence is a strong believer in traditional marriage, he supported an amendment to Indiana’s constitution defining marriage as “one man and one woman.”  That amendment was struck down by a federal court.

The Gay Mafia are overworking themselves across the nation these days. They are filing lawsuit after lawsuit – and winning – to overturn laws state constitutional restrictions on homosexual marriage. They are also suing every business they can find that refuses to serve homosexual marriage ceremonies because of the business owners’ religious convictions.

Gov. Pence was eloquent in his defense of religious freedom.

“Indiana is rightly celebrated for the hospitality, generosity, tolerance, and values of our people, and that will never change,” Pence stated. “Faith and religion are important values to millions of Hoosiers and with the passage of this legislation, we ensure that Indiana will continue to be a place where we respect freedom of religion and make certain that government action will always be subject to the highest level of scrutiny that respects the religious beliefs of every Hoosier of every faith.”

Here’s the feature of this legislation that we find the most interesting.

The bill mirrors the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was signed into law in the 1990’s by then-President Bill Clinton. The legislation prohibits the government from “substantially burden[ing]a person’s exercise of religion,” unless there is a compelling government interest and the least restrictive means is used in furthering the interest.

We can’t wait for liberal Democrats, pardon the redundancy, and perspective presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to attack Bill Clinton for his obviously homophobic ways back in the 90s when he signed the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Although, we’re not holding our breath. After all, in 2008 Barack Obama told Pastor Rick Warren widely televised interview that he believed marriage should be between one man and one woman.


He either lied or received a revelation on that subject – we know which – and we suspect Billy Bob will get the same pass.



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