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DISNEY Teams up with Foul-Mouthed Gay ‘Activist’ in New Sitcom


A company as big as Disney/ABC would  should know better than to think that none of this gay actors very shady and suspect past might come to light as they thrust Dan Savage into the spotlight in a TV show on ABC focusing on his life.

The things that he has to say are appalling, to say the very least:

As though Disney-owned ABC intentionally sought out the most divisive public figure available for its most recently announced venture, recent reports indicate Dan Savage has been slated to head up a television program based on his life. Though his name might not have household recognition across the U.S., his comments have frequently earned him the disdain of critics – and some with whom he might otherwise agree.

The outspokenly gay activist is not satisfied with merely touting the ostensible virtues of his own lifestyle choices; he repeatedly advocates pain and death for those who dare oppose his radical agenda.


Newsbusters compiled a truncated list of his objectionable remarks, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.”


Savage, who has teamed up with the Obama administration to raise money for his social program, also infamously proclaimed his belief that “abortion should be mandatory for about 30 years” to address overpopulation concerns.

Dan SavageHis new exposure via a personally tailored vehicle currently titled Family of the Year is sure to make the foul-mouthed activist even more recognizable.

A number of prominent conservatives have already denounced the project, suggesting Disney/ABC will become a corporate defender of Savage’s violent rhetoric.

Savage is projectile word vomiter, and he spews hate on top of all this. People are already boycotting and denouncing this project, which will serve as yet another vehicle for Savage’s vile agenda. Share if you think Disney has gone too FAR!

H/T: Western Journalism

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