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Fort Hood Terrorist Sentenced To Death, Despite Obama’s Best Efforts


A military tribunal, yesterday, sentenced the Muslim terrorist murdered fourteen people at Fort Hood in 2009 to be executed. It’s long past time. We must note here that most articles will note that thirteen people were murdered. That’s not true. One of the victims of this act of terrorism was a pregnant woman. Her unborn child counts too, he or she makes the victim total fourteen.

There are two outrageous respect to the crime was committed at Fort Hood. The first is that it was committed at all. The shooter was a Major in the United States Army, he was under investigation and was known to have frequent contact with Islamic terror cells in the Middle East. An army chain of command who didn’t have the courage to stand up to our Islamically-correct President refused to confront him. They were obviously afraid of insulting “The Prophet.” Their cowardice was the proximate cause of the death of fourteen people.

The second outrage is that the same chain of command who was responsible for their deaths officially called their murders “workplace violence” and not an act of terrorism. That meant victims who were active duty military could not be awarded the Purple Heart.

Lawmakers in Washington, make that “lawmakers in Washington who aren’t Democrats,” have been pushing for the last six years for those who were injured or killed to receive the Purple Heart. It wasn’t until the new Republican Congress was sworn in in January that legislation was able to be attached to a defense appropriation so that these victims of Muslim terrorism could be properly recognized.

We don’t expect President Obama to be on hand to award those Purple Hearts to the victims and the victims’ family. Frankly, we will just settle for this President to not pardon the man murdered them.


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