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First thing Scott Walker Says He’ll Do On Day One as President


Thank god. A candidate with some good old fashioned common sense. Scott Walker, rumored to be running for President in 2016, has said that starting from day one, he has some changes in mind – and they couldn’t make more sense for America and foreign policy:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) would “absolutely, on day one” would reject any deal that leaves Iran with nuclear enrichment capabilities on Wednesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

“Absolutely, one day one” reject the deal, citing the dangers to the region and Israel, as well as the potential for other countries to acquire the nuclear weapons.

Walker added that he believes the administration’s posture in the negotiations, “shows you that they don’t have the same level of concern that I think I, and Senator Rubio, and many others out there have that a nuclear Iran is a problem for the entire world, not just for Israel.”

Iran with nukes is like trusting a dog with a steak. There is a time when the steak must be devoured, or the nuke must be fired. Iran cannot be trusted with a weapon like that. What loyalty have we seen from them?


We need a president that will stand on principle and defend our constitution. Governor Walker’s clear stance makes me all the more confident that he will be an amazing president.


Scott Walker Limits Availability for Media

Last month, Scott Walker seemed readily available to any reporter who had a question for him. He was basking in the limelight, holding media scrums and granting impromptu interviews. But reporters who follow him say that in the wake of a few controversial, headline-grabbing quotes about evolution and President Obama’s religion, the Wisconsin governor and likely Republican presidential candidate has put brakes on his media availability. On Friday, Walker toured the Texas-Mexican border with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. The tour was closed to the press, and Walker did not take part in a media avail afterward.

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