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Ferguson: yes, there are two sides to the story- Part I


The Two Sides of the Ferguson: let’s start with the events and aftermath of the shooting of the so-called “gentle giant”.

Missouri’s Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R-MO) said Attorney General Eric Holder “on many occasions” seemed to “be inciting the mob.”

SheriffClarkeMilwaukee Black Country Sheriff David Clarke accused Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder of exploiting the situation.

He condemned race hustler and profiteer Al Sharpton as well, adding that it was Al who first described Brown as a “gentle giant” and innocent victim who died while trying to surrender with his “hands up”.

Clark added that Holder’s statement about his having been profiled by police some time ago encouraged the belief that law enforcement officers go out with some nefarious and malicious intent in their hearts to deny people their rights and to shoot people for nothing.

While condemning police, Holder hardly fostered calm and healing.  He did not caution anyone to wait until the facts are in.  His words could well have encouraged some to protest violently.

15-0224 SharptonAs Al Sharpton is famous for doing, he stirred the pot of racism with his words, “The Band-Aid has been ripped off, and all of America is seeing the open wound of racism exists.”

On MSNBC, he described the Brown shooting as a “state execution.”

Never mind that the facts were not yet in and his “facts” were just not true.

We have learned that this killing had nothing to do with racism, that Brown did not have his hands up in submission, and that he had most likely tried to shoot the policeman with the officer’s own gun while in the squad car.  Several investigations, including one by Eric Holder, have shown that there is no action which should be taken against the officer, for he was guilty only of trying to save his own life in the face of being attacked by a rabid thug.

That said, there are always two sides to the story.

My own personal experience with police intimidation occurred when I first moved to a “high rent” district in downtown Chicago.  I was intimidated and bullied by white police officers on two occasions.  It was not nearly on the scale of what has been described in Ferguson.  On the first, I was yelled at over a minor traffic infraction at a round-a-bout with 5 or 6 traffic lights.  My newly acquired driver’s license was taken from me after I failed to produce a Bail Bond Card (!).  Did I really look as if I would have one of those?  I could barely drive home.  I had to show my arrest warrant for I.D. for 6 weeks until my court date.  I appeared to be the only white, non-druggie or criminal in the court room.  That was certainly intimidating, as they were all staring at me for being so out of place.  My arresting officer did not show up, as his intent must have been to simply “welcome” me to Chicago with his actions.  As I attempted to argue my point and tell about the officer, the judge cautioned me to just be happy I could go home with my license.

The second event was when I said good morning to the cop walking my beat.  He took one look at my elegant Irish Setter, whose tail was wagging furiously, and he then pretended to pull his gun and shoot her.  He said that every dog on the Gold Coast should be shot dead!  Suffice it to say, I actively avoided the police after that, driving or walking the opposite direction when I saw one.

anyone see my big red nose?

anyone see my big red nose?

There surely are police officers who became officers in order to have power over others.  Some of them get drunk on that power.  It is indeed intimidating.

We now know that in Ferguson, the killing of Michael Brown, while tragic, was an act of self-defense.

However, a reading of the actual DOJ report should worry us all.  I have been concerned that the next move by Eric Holder might be to purposely put the Feds in charge of all of American’s police forces.   Now that is a frightening idea!  This DOJ report gives him momentum toward that end.  It is no wonder that the police chief has resigned.  It is not surprising that residents of Ferguson are asking that the Mayor be removed.

We will look at some particulars of that report tomorrow.  Suffice it to say, it needs to be read by everyone so that we learn what is possible even here in the United States of America.  This police department puts a stain on the work of the majority of police officers who are trustworthy, who protect us from criminals, who do the right thing every day.  They kiss their families good-bye in the morning, never knowing if they will return.  Bless them.


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