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Feel Good Story of the Decade: Harry Reid Leaving!


It certainly made our day. And we would tag this announcement with the rest of Clint Eastwood’s comment, “punk.” We are certainly glad to see Harry Reid going away. And the two big questions in our mind are, who is going to replace him, and how do we get Mitch McConnell to join him in retirement.

Chuck Schumer should certainly be considered a front runner to replace Reid and at the top of the Democrats heap. And his reaction to Reid’s retirement should tell you everything you ever needed to know about Chuck Schumer.

“Harry is one of the best human beings I’ve ever met. In fundamental decency are at the core of why he’s been such a successful and beloved leader.”

Right Chuck, and the Obama administration is the most transparent you’ve ever seen. We have no doubt that Reid is beloved among Democrats. We would offer however, that the reason he’s loved is because he’s a foul human being puts the interests of the Democratic Party ahead of the nation, and he has absolutely no concept of “decency.”

In other words he, like Schumer and Obama, are Democrats.

We offer a hearty “Good Riddance and a Miserable Retirement” to Harry.

The part of this story that really makes us warm and fuzzy is thinking about the 2016 election in Nevada to replace this miserable old bastard.

Gov. Brian Sandoval is the overwhelming favorite of the Republican establishment to succeed Reid, even though he has regularly expressed no desire to move to Washington or serve in the Senate.


If Sandoval entered the Senate race, he would be a commanding front-runner. A former federal judge who stepped down to run for governor in 2010 — when he beat Reid’s son, Rory — he is enormously popular, having won reelection in November with nearly 70% support.

Should he opt out, two Republican Nevada congressmen who also passed on facing Reid, Reps. Joe Heck and Mark Amodei, might give the race another look, along with former Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki. Other potential GOP contestants include Mark Hutchison, the state’s newly elected lieutenant governor, and Michael Roberson, the majority leader of the state Senate.

In other words, the Republicans have a huge and very popular bench.  The Democrats seem to have the rough equivalent of our dead white cat.

Of course, Democrats also have the Nevada unions and the insanely corrupt casino bosses who made sure Harry won last time out.  Keep in mind, in the 2010 election Republicans nominated a conservative who got absolutely zero support from the Republican Establishment and Reid only won that race by a squeeker.

It’s forecast that Republicans are going to have a tough time holding the Senate in 2016 because significantly more of them are up for election than Democrats, the reverse of 2012.  Winning in Nevada, and replacing the Senate Minority Leader with a Republican is a pot of gold.

So long Harry.  Hey Mitch, Harry’s going to be needing some company in his retirement, feel free to join him.



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