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Federal Government Seizes Woman’s Identity Via Facebook


Almost everyone has a Facebook page these days. We like photos, we post our own, and we network. Sondra Prince, now Sondra Arquiett, found out she had a Facebook when a relative asked her about some of the pictures she had posted. The problem was, Ms. Prince had never set up the account.

Ms. Arquiett found herself in trouble with the law in 2010. She was a small time part of a drug ring, and received probation for her crimes. She never dreamed that while she was under investigation, her private photos and identity would be stolen.

sondraThe account was sourced to DEA Special Agent Timothy Sinnigen.

He set up the account with photos from her confiscated cell phone.

He used her real name, contacted her real friends, used photos of her with her minor niece and nephews, and even posted pictures of her in very skimpy outfits.

Never was she asked for permission to do any of this. The use of her real name certainly put her at risk with known criminals. The government has no right or reason to impersonate any citizen, not matter what the reason.

Harkening back to Communist Russia, or present day, depending on your economic status, is not the way to run a government agency. You cannot simply assume the identity of your citizens, even under the guise of an investigation. There are not exemptions provided for law enforcement. Yes, we have a thinly veiled socialist for a president, but even that is not an excuse.

After being sued by Sondra Arquiett, the U.S. Justice Department will pay a $134,000 settlement. Personally, no amount of cash would be enough to make me ‘settle’. There is no way that I would stay silent, either. The government needs to know its place, and stay small and not stealing the identities of Americans.

Court Docs can be found here.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

H/T: BuzzFeed



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