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East Texas Dust Up: Atheist’s Spread Their Gospell


When I was living on the streets in Portland an atheist group held a convention at a hotel by where I used to sell a hobo newspaper. My first question was, what the heck were they going to convene about. Do you believe in God? No, do you? No. Meeting adjourned.

Now there was a dust up in East Texas recently about a school in White Oaks whose principal, Dan Knoll, was reading a daily scripture to the kids as a way of bringing some inspiration. Evidentially it was a tradition at the school that predated Knoll.

Well some kid recorded it and turned it over to an atheist activist.  I guess the atheist’s like to spread their gospel as well.

Anyway the atheist got Freedom From Religion folks  involved which did not seem to sway the school superintendent Michael Gilbert. He told those folks he would be praying for them.




But then the story got debated over social media in a big way and a Veteran named Patrick Green threatened to sue the school, the Longview News Journal reported.

“If the Bible readings, or any sectarian announcement, is still being done by March 30, 2015, I will file a lawsuit against the White Oak ISD,”  Greene said Wednesday in an email to Gilbert that was shared with the News-Journal.

“Unlike from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, I am a Texan who takes it personally when the Texas and United States Constitutions are being completely ignored.

You cannot teach love of country and respect for the law of the land to our children, then flagrantly show your hypocrisy by publicly showing the children how to break the law.”

So now White Oak morning inspirations will no longer contain Bible passages, as per the Constitution.

I used to like to sing when I was selling newspapers. At one point a group of the convening atheists were walking by, so I thought I would rib them a little bit and started singing, “This Little Light of Mine.”

One lady atheist seemed to like the song and started to maybe sing it a little, then she caught herself and stopped, realizing the irony. I gave her a non-judgmental nod and a smile. She returned the smile. It was a nice moment all in all.

I was trying to be humorous at the start of this thing but the truth is I have quite a few atheists friends, people have reasons  for thinking the way they do, that aren’t ours to judge. A lot of ugly things have been done in the name of religion that have nothing to do with God. Regardless of what another person believes, as Christian’s, we are called to love them and treat them with kindness.

Now folks you can get worked up about prayer in schools if you want to, it is a free country, but Christ taught us to be modest in our spirituality. “When you pray, enter into the closet, and when you have shut the door pray to the Father which is in secret; and the father who sees in secret will reward you openly.”



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