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Congressional Democrats Pressuring the ATF to Ban AR15 Ammo


Well, that didn’t take long.  And, we told you so.  Democrats, who seem to just love radical Islam, hate the idea of Americans being able to own and shoot a gun.  Particularly the AR15.

As we noted in our earlier piece the particular round that the Democrats want to ban has never killed a cop.  Nobody can determine if one has even been fired at a cop.

We’re not going to rehash the stupidity of banning ammunition generally, and this particular ammo specifically.  This is typical Democrat deflection.  There’s Hillary’s email, there’s Obama’s attempts at deal making with Iran.  And then there’s the opportunity to suck up headline and news minutes with something that absolutely doesn’t matter, ESPECIALLY to the cops it’s supposed to be protecting.

The one point that we will reshash is this:

If the president was really concerned about protecting our police officers he do something about young black males. THEY are the problem. Young black men have killed more police officers in any given year than all forms of rifles have ever killed.

The President doesn’t care about cops anymore than he cares about your 2nd Amendment rights. And don’t think for a second Obama’s ATF isn’t going to come back and try to do this again.

And again, and again, and again.


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