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CNN Commentator Says Putin Responsible For Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370!


Jeff Wise, an instrument rated American pilot and frequent commentator for CNN on the disappearance of Malaysian airlines flight 370, has a new theory about what may have happened to the missing plane, crew, and passengers:

It involves Russian President Vladimir Putin and a secret landing strip in, of all places, Kazhakstan (yes, the place that Borat is from, “Yecksha-Mesh!!”)

putinWise, the author of The Plane That Wasn’t There released in e-book form last month, outlined his extensive theory in a 4,000 word piece for New York magazine that has been viewed over 23,000 times.  The theory takes some twists and turns, so, if you want to understand it, you might go put the popcorn in the microwave now (and get a drink, maybe some hot coffee)!

As we know, Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared on March 8, 2014 and captivated the attention of the world (even, uh, huh, Courtney Love, who reportedly watched online images of the Indian Ocean and tweeted ‘suggestions’ to investigators about the ‘Hole’ the plane might’ve fallen into).

Even today, no physical trace of the plane has been found, leaving the entire world agasp that such a tragedy could occur in today’s high-tech environment of flight following and GPS tracking.

According to many informed spectators, Investigators believed the aircraft travelled either north or south along an arc, based on electronic “pings” between the aircraft and a satellite. An aspect of that data called the “burst frequency offset” (BFO), which measures changes in the signal’s wavelength, led them to determine that the wayward plane took the southern arc.

The intended route of flight 370 of Malaysian airlines .

The intended route of flight 370 of Malaysian airlines .

However, Wise argues the BFO data could have been falsified by hijackers leading investigators to erroneous conclusions. The Boeing 777’s electronics bay could potentially be accessed through an opening in the front of the first-class cabin, he reported. And although the data could not be falsified with in all circumstances, Wise hypothesizes that it was possible with the model of satellite-followed equipment on board the flight. Wise just doesn’t buy into the idea that the Indian Ocean is the graveyard containing the flight, instead suggesting,

“Once I threw out the troublesome BFO data, all the inexplicable coincidences and mismatched data went away,” he wrote in a piece for New York magazine. “The answer became wonderfully simple. The plane must have gone north.”

Wise hypothesizes that the flight could have landed – at a remote and little known landing strip in Yubileyniy, part of the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Baikonur is leased to Putin’s Russian Space agency and because of Putin’s active space agenda, continues to serve as a sophisticated space launch site for both manned and unmanned explorations and satellite launches. Wise reported that the Yubileyniy strip has been largely disguised for decades and was supposedly “dismantled” in the months before March 2014.

However, Wise was unable to peg a good motive for potential hijackers and when he investigated the Ukrainian nationals, he found no reason that they would have wanted to hijack the plane, no smoking gun, no evidence of intent, no real reason that they could possibly have benefitted… Still, Wise says that his stomach and his brain are conflicted in the aircraft disappearance, meaning that his ‘gut’ and his logical reasoning haven’t exactly reconciled his theories of the final resting place of the flight.


In the past year since MH370 disappeared into thin air, multiple conspiracy theories have appeared in the international press, on aviation minded websites and of course in the ever-present blogosphere.

Some ideas suggest that the plane was taken to a secluded island such as the US Naval base at Diego Garcia, hijacked by the Taliban, or covertly blasted (perhaps even mistakenly) out of the sky by the US military or other military forces capable of such surface to air weapons.

However, Wise continues to suggest that the missing flight lies at the bottom of the Indian Ocean and says writing about his “obsession” has been cathartic.

“My gut still tells me I’m right, but my brain knows better than to trust my gut,” he says.

In January 2015, the Malaysian government declared the disappearance of MH370 was officially an ‘accident’, assuming that all passengers and crew are dead. As a result, families of the missing are now eligible to receive monetary compensation payments from the airline.

“My gut still tells me I’m right, but my brain knows better than to trust my gut,” says Wise.

Lizard Squad Hacks Malaysia Airlines Website With ‘plane not Found’ Message

Hacker group Lizard Squad claimed credit Monday for hacking Malaysia Airlines’ official website, which was unavailable for several hours. According to a Malaysia Airlines’ post on Facebook, the site is now fully restored, and no data was stolen. During the outage, the site featured an image of a lizard, and a message saying “404 – Plane Not Found. Hacked by Lizard Squad. Malaysia Airlines came to the center of attention several times in 2014; first due to the disappearance of flight MH 370, which carried 239 passengers and crew and was never found, and then again in July, after one of the company’s planes was shot down over Ukraine, killing 298 passengers and crew.


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