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Class Teaches Parents How to Safely Carry a Gun and a Baby


A class that teaches parents how to carry a gun and a baby?

This is probably exactly the first type of class that comes to mind when you think of classes offered at a gun range, but teacher, Melanie Lauer, says when she realized no one was talking to new parents about how to handle a gun, she went into ACTION.

Melanie Lauer shows  the proper way to holster a weapon while holding her small child.

Melanie Lauer shows the proper way to holster a weapon while holding her small child.

Melanie is a mother and gun enthusiast. She also packs heat!

“I have complete access to my firearm in the front and my baby is free! I am unique in that I have experience from working at a gun store and a parenting center at the same time,” she recently told a Sirius XM afternoon radio show.

When she realized that this is what people refuse to talk about: carrying a gun and carrying a baby at the same time, she responded.

“We have seen a huge insurgence of mothers of young children wanting to get into firearms and what is happening is that we don’t have instructors, who are addressing their needs. So they just do it, they don’t do it right, and they end up possibly having an accident.”

As a firearms instructor and parenting expert, Melanie is going where few have gone before.

She is not trying to convince parents that they should carry a weapon, simply encouraging them to do it safely if they choose to.

“If you have the baby on one side, it’s best to have the gun on the other side,” she tells her classes.

“When we had just had our baby,” a student recently said, “I had the overwhelming need that I had to protect this baby. And this has made me take carrying a weapon a lot more seriously.”

“We have dummy guns in our classes that are a lot more safe to work with. It makes me feel better that we have a few more people that are less likely to have accidents when carrying a weapon and a child,” she said. “I like to know that I’ve helped them along the way.”

Find Melanie at CrossRoads shooting sports in Tallahassee, Florida.


See a recent news story about her HERE.


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