City Employee: “Ferguson Shooting Was a Set Up” [VIDEO]

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Al Sharpton better be looking over his shoulder because John Mohammed wants his job. John Mohammed, an employee of a nearby Missouri town, told Fox News that he thought the shooting of two cops in Ferguson earlier this week was a setup by the “police fraternities.”

For what it’s worth we don’t believe that for an instant. The shots were apparently five from about 50 feet and both officers were wounded.

Here’s a John Mohammed Tweet, just so you’ll know how he sees himself.

Fox News originally identified him as the “city manager,” in fact Mo is a lowly city clerk. And Mo, if you happen to be reading this and you feel like we are “disrespecting you” we are. You’re a punk. In the “prison” usage of the term.

There are just a couple of things we’d like to clarify. First, Michael Brown got exactly the justice he deserved. While were at it, so did Treyvon Martin. Both of their communities are better off with these two thugs dead. Anybody who thinks those two shootings were not an act of justice is either stupid, or a race hustler.

We have a question as to why the Race Hustler Community, Al and Mo are you listening, seems to pick punk, felon, thugs to deify. Surely an upstanding black man must get killed by somebody other than another black thug at some point. Al and Mo, your role models need some work. Oh, and you two don’t qualify as role models either.

The second point that Mo made, that the so-called “black community” would be rising up to “defend themselves.” Well Mo, have at it. Unlike 1967 when you try to burn down Detroit, today’s National Guard troops tend to be battle hardened and are experts at dealing with an enemy in house to house combat. Live out that little dream of yours and it’s very likely we won’t be seeing any more problems from the “black community” for a dozen or so generations.


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