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BREAKING: Hillary Did Not Sign a Separation Form When She Left the State Department


Rules, those pesky little things, are for little people. They are certainly not for the Clintons. After all, we’re not talking about people who would move out of the White House and steal the silverware.Or the White House furniture. Or the China, or the rugs. Oh heavens no.

Here is State Department spokestwit Jen Psaki weaseling over Clinton’s failure to sign the separation form that is supposed to be required of all State Department employees when they leave the State Department.

But, but, but, but Bush did it! Somehow we knew we get back to that.

We like to note to Ms. Psaki that none of those other Secretaries of State had private email servers installed in their homes to use rather than official State Department email systems.

Hillary’s defenders can spin this all they want but that private email server was nothing more or less than a device to evade Freedom of Information Act requests. Whether or not she’ll be held accountable remains to be seen.

She certainly got The Clinton Machine working overtime for her, what she also has however, is Valerie Jarrett, the real president, who hates her guts.

It’s going to be an interesting tussle.

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