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It’s never over until it’s over in the Israeli elections are quite over yet but well into the day it looks like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will remain Prime Minister of Israel. If the results that are being reported by the Times of Israel hold, Israel will continue to prosper as a sovereign nation, led by a man that we will freely compare to Churchill.

The Times indicates high turnout and notes that Arab turnout to vote lags twelve points behind Jewish turnout. Side note: Muslims can participate in democracy in Israel unlike every Muslim nation. Official election results will not be published until Thursday in Israel.

There are ten parties competing in Israeli politics. The government is always formed by consensus with minority parties. It will be interesting to see what the new Israeli government, again headed by Netanyahu, will look like once the parties line up. We find the most interesting wildcard to be the statement Netanyahu released Monday night vowing to block a “Palestinian state” should he remain in office.

We agree with that stand.

The best part of a Netanyahu victory is that it represents the fat thumb in the eye to Barack Obama. Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu when he came to the US and spoke to a joint session of Congress. He said it would be unseemly to meet with a foreign leader so close to an election.

However, a few days after the White House had their hissy fit about the invitation to Netanyahu they sent a team of five Obama campaign operatives to Israel to lead the campaign to defeat the Prime Minister. Reportedly a group called “One Voice,” funded by American donors, paid for the Obama campaign team led by Obama’s 2012 field director Jeremy Bird.

We look forward to following up this report with a confirmation of Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory and Barack Obama’s defeat.



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