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“Black Brunch” Protesters Target, Harass and Disrupt White Patrons


Have you heard of the ‘Black Brunch’ protests?

Neither had I until a friend send me a link to a YouTube video taken in Decatur, a mostly white area area of DeKalb County, GA in the heart of metropolitan Hot’lanta!

The idea is that black protesters have decided to take their message to places that are frequented mostly by whites to ‘share’ about the idea that ‘black lives matter.’


Protesters go to restaurants during busy hours in groups, stand in areas in which they can be heard and shout about travesty and injustice to white patrons of restaurants… all while the cameras roll.

Protesters read statistics and loudly shout proclamations that explain black oppression.

Last Sunday, March 22, 2015, Black Brunch protesters geared up for the same in the Peach State.

But on this visit, they were mostly ignored by white patrons though there was some resistance to their presence.

Also, lots of social media posts later appeared that showed patron’s displeasure with the time and place of the chosen protest.

Patrons in an Atlanta eatery are surrounded by protesters participating in Black Brunch.

Patrons in an Atlanta eatery are surrounded by protesters participating in Black Brunch.

Staff at Sweet Melissa’s, yes, the same Sweet Melissa’s that was voted ‘Best Atlanta Brunch’ in 2004, are seen on video asking protesters to leave and later, threatening to call police.

One protester expressed her extreme displeasure after being touched on the shoulder by a staffer.

Others voiced their displeasure by shouting, “Our breakfast matters!” A seemingly clever retort to, “Black Lives Matter.”  One activist reported being pushed and shoved, though no evidence of such has been shown on social media sites (as of the time this is being written, 48 hours later).

One customer was videotaped sitting at a table and yelling back at protesters: “You’re stirring up conflict!” and “Go home!”  “White liberals don’t like to be reminded of their privilege,” noted one Twitter user.

Some call the strategy obnoxious and questioned the effectiveness of such a strategy. One social media user wrote,

“This is not the environment of the lunch counter sit ins of the 1950s and 1960s. We are not barring your access to eat at this restaurant. However, we are using OUR hard earned money to provide food and a dining experience for our families and would simply ask that you respect that.  By speaking loudly in a place with children, you invite misunderstanding and inappropriate behavior.”

Others asked for understanding of the pessimism that whites have about black issues:

“If the black community- or any community- wants to have a substantive, productive discussion about race in America predicated upon respectful dialogue and facts, I doubt few will object.

However, what plagues our national discussion about race is a continuation and bolstering of the victim mentality by race-hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and yes, even our own president.

This kind of obnoxious behavior produces nothing but resentment.”

“These protest aren’t about rights. They’re about getting attention for the protesters themselves. This crap of bugging people trying to eat is incredibly ineffective. I didn’t hear the name of the 17 year old black kid shot and killed by 2 other black youth in Columbia, SC over the weekend. He was in ROTC and had a bright future ahead of him.
Why don’t you hear about such horrible events? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Sad, very sad.”

Apparently, only whites eat brunch. Did not know that. Decide for yourself if the Black Brunch strategy is obnoxious. See the video HERE. The cop in the VIDEO BELOW had enough, I guess..

Ex-NYPD Cop Slams ‘black Brunch’ With Gun-toting Selfie
After activists stormed bunch spots Sunday to protest police killings, an ex-NYPD officer fired back with a heated tweet. John Cardillo posted a selfie with his gun pointed at the camera Sunday evening captioned, “I’m really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now. #BlackBrunchNYC.”
Protesters used the same hashtag hours earlier when they walked into New York and California restaurants serving brunch and read the names of black people who died at the hands of police, including Michael Brown and Eric Garner.
Cardillo posted his jarring photo — which he called an “experiment” — to point out the “hypocrisy” of the protesters.


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