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Bill Clinton’s Former Girlfriend to Lecture America


Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and try to imagine being lectured on ethics and morality by [drumroll please]Monica Lewinsky. That’s right, the girl in the stained blue dress, Bill Clinton’s former girlfriend. Ethics. Morality. Barf.

Unfortunately, it’s not a dream.That’s right, it’s an TED Talk.

 You’ve never heard of TED Talks, they are much talked about in progressive circles, it’s a video series of 20-minute talks by “interesting” and “powerful” people. Their mission statement shouts of passionate belief in “the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world… from the world’s most inspired thinkers.” NPR even has a weekly “TED Radio Power.”
From that buildup you might guess that the overwhelming majority of the videos are exercises in mind-numbing indoctrination from the world’s most insipid speakers. If that was your guess, you’d be right.
Ms. Lewinsky’s talk is meet-and-potatoes fare (make that tofu-and-granola fare.) She’s a victim.  And a blowhard.
She talks about being nearly suicidal during the Starr investigation and her boyfriend’s impeachment, and how she was ashamed of the tapes that made her sound catty and shallow. Like we said, she’s a victim.
Her shtick is a fight against public shaming and humiliation. Apparently, even when you deserve it.
We find this new victimhood really quite amazing. A stupid, cheap, little slut whines  in public, for money, and decries her victimhood. For money. Likely, a lot of money.
Keep in mind as you watch the Remake of the Intern that our little victim has only done one noteworthy thing in her life. And that involved not taking her little blue dress to the cleaners. Heh. Blue dress. No pun intended.
On the other hand, we kind of hope she’s a big hit. Especially if Hillary runs for president.  Pass the popcorn.

Monica Lewinsky Gives TED Talk on Cyber Bullying

Former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, spoke at TED2015 about her experiences as the first victim of cyber bullying after her affair with President Bill Clinton.


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