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Baby Wrapped in Flag has People all Stirred Up


Good Morning America ran a story about an American Flag controversy this morning. Imagine my surprise when I found a local photographer, right here in little old Lewiston, Idaho was also involved.

Local Photographer Stephanie Krupicka finds herself in the middle of a controversy that has gone national, and she wants no part of it.

About six weeks ago Krupicka posted a picture on her facebook page she was very proud of. It featured a US Army officer holding a baby wrapped in the American flag. The picture got over 50,000 views and 99% of the feedback, including feedback from Veterans, was positive.


However, a couple of local women stated that she was breaking the code on how to handle the flag. One woman actually sent her an e-mail at 3am with the flag code attached. Krupicka decided to take the picture off of facebook, because of the harassment, and reposted it on her blog with no tags. Problem solved right? Guess again.

Another photographer Vanessa Hicks, who is a military member, posted a similiar picture that got picked up by a photography review site called, “You Call Yourself a Photographer.”  The site claims to be run by military and ex-military personnel. They said Hicks was also disrespecting the flag.and critized her photography. That story went national this morning on Good Morning America.

The thing is You Call Yourself a Photographer replaced Hick’s photo with Krupika’s. To be fair, the site complimented Krupicka”s picture.

However Krupicka received a voicemail yesterday calling her a, “disgrace” and saying she, “Could rot in hell.”  She has since shut off her business phone and has pleaded with the site to take down the photo, as have her friends.

So far the site has refused to do so and the picture has over 500 comments on the facebook page.The site argued she should be happy because of the compliment.The compliment comes at the end of a longwinded rant about the flag, and few people read that far down.

Krupicka’s next step is to talk to a lawyer about copyright infringement which was suggested to her by Professional Photpraphers of America. The story may have some legs, as they say in this business, CNN will be running the Hick’s story tomorrow.

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