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Appeal to Heaven Movement Gains Ground


Have you heard of the Appeal To Heaven movement?

This movement of Christian conservatives began in Georgia and is picking up steam throughout the nation’s legislatures most recently having been recognized when the Appeal To Heaven flag was raised over the Arkansas State Capitol building during a ceremony that included reading an Arkansas State Senate Resolution recognizing the movement.

The movement also has members in other states, South Dakota, South Carolina, Nevada, Montana, and Missouri.

The Appeal to Heaven movement started when a handful of Georgia legislators publicly committed themselves to an ‘absolute right of conscience’ says PeachPundit reporter Jessica Szilagyi. The movement is represented by a white pine tree (green and inset on a white flag). Known as the “Tree of Peace,” the flag originated with John Locke in the 1600’s and his constant reference to natural law. The phrase “An Appeal to Heaven” connotes that, “when all resources and justices on earth are exhausted that only ‘An Appeal to Heaven’ remains.” Members of the movement wear a lapel pin with the green colored, white pine tree.


According the movement’s web site, the white pine was placed on Revolutionary War flags to remind colonies of the overreach of the government.

“There was a time when eastern white pines lined the landscape of the American colonies. With heights more than 250 feet, these trees met England’s military and commercial needs for sailing ship masts. For their own purposes, the colonists claimed the supply of trees close to the ocean. The ‘Broad Arrow’ act, however, allowed the King’s men to take an unlimited number of trees inland. This act caused such resentment against the crown that it helped to start the Revolutionary War. The white pine was placed on Revolutionary War flags to remind the colonies of the overreach of the government.”

The movement’s website in Georgia has the following mission statement:

“ATH of Georgia exists to honor the Lord by supporting candidates for public office in the State of Georgia who are believers in Jesus Christ, who regularly attend and display a commitment to an evangelical, Gospel-centered church and who will commit to live and govern based on biblical, constitutional and Federalist principles.”





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