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And The Star of CPAC Is…


Well wasn’t Jeb Bush.To his credit Jeb did show up at CPAC. Unlike two other candidates who’ve been pretending to be conservatives for the past eight years, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Sean Hannity interviewed Bush and despite all Jeb’s talk about his conservative record as governor of Florida he proved to be nothing more than Obama-lite positions.

It wasn’t even Ted Cruz. Cruz came in and threw red meat to the crowd and just seemed to melt away.

Marco Rubio? Who??

That leaves the son of perennial CPAC winner Ron Paul, Rand Paul. The Paulanistias were certainly out of force proving once again that if straw polls or Internet polls meant anything Ron Paul would have been president decades ago.

The Paul team bussed in the troops and Rand was once again winner of the CPAC poll. That makes three years running. CPAC could rename their straw poll to the “PAUL POLL.”

But Rand was not the Star of the Day. He’s winning percentage dropped from 35% last year to a measly 27% this year.

The Star of this year’s CPAC was none other than…

That’s right Scott Walker.

Walker surged to second place in the straw poll, coming out of nowhere, on the heels of a Texas poll that showed Walker in a dead heat favorite son Cruz in Texas.

Now we don’t put much stock in straw polls. And there’s a long way to go before things even start to shake out for 2016. But at this point, more so than at any time we can remember, this is shaping up to be a bunch of Establishment Candidates chasing a new guy on the block. In this year the new guy on the block is a vetted, governor with a strong conservative record in blue state.

We won’t be surprised if this comes down to a race between a conservative, Scott Walker, and Mister Democrat-lite, Jeb Bush.

To us the biggest question is which of the cans conservative candidates will be the first to endorse Scott Walker.


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