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American Taxpayers Fund Netanyahu’s Opponent: Obama Burned!


American taxpayers fund Netanyahu’s opponent.

It has been alleged that Barack Obama and our State Department funded a group which actively worked to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu in yesterday’s election. What’s wrong with that, you might ask?

netanyahu picDemocrats bitterly condemned Republicans for having Netanyahu speak to a Joint Session of Congress.  Many, including our President refused to attend the speech.  They said it was taking sides in the upcoming election.
We now learn that our State Department funded an organization working to defeat Netanyahu.  One Voice Movement, a tax-exempt group, was given $350,000  of our taxpayer money by our State Department.   Targeting any political candidate would be illegal for any tax-exempt organization, yet they targeted Netanyahu.
One Voice Movement has as its goal a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and believes that the 1967 borders should be part of the negotiations.  It is obvious why they would be working against Netanyahu’s election, for he has promised no Palestinian state.
In response, Jen Psaki said that the State Department reviewed the plan and approved it.  Well, that sounds like this State Department, doesn’t it?  I suppose those emails have been deleted.  They are hanging their hopes on the fact that the donations stopped prior to the election.  The money they sent, however, was available to be used.
Barack-Obama-Benjamin-NetanyahuNetanyahu warned on election day that the 20% Muslim population in Israel were being driven to the polls to keep him from victory.
That is a tactic used here in America.  The effort failed.
We can count Netanyahu’s victory as another “loss” for both Barack and our State Department.
One Voice Movement, after getting a black eye on this action (for it is a tax-exempt charity) has filed paperwork which would allow them to engage in political activism. They at least need to be taxed on all the money which came to their old organization through taxpayer money, it not their entire income.  Their new organization is to be named PeaceWorks Action.
There is talk about yet another Congressional investigation.  As we have noted, Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals are in play as we are presented with one investigation after another.  The hope we will run out of time or throw our hands up and stop bothering to seek truth and justice.


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