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[Added YouTube Video] Sisters’ Amazing Dance Leaves Audience in Tears


I am so connected to my baby sisters. I love them with all my heart, and I can just imagine us doing this if one of us happened to be differently abled.

Unless you have a heart of stone, these two sisters will melt your heart and have you reaching for a box of tissues before the end of the video.

Gracie Latkovski and her sister Quincy love to dance. They absolutely love taking center stage together, embracing the spotlight with dancing. But Gracie has cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis and has been wheelchair bound her entire life. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t your typical little girl. She loves performing to a supporting audience with her sister.

In the 2013 WHAS Crusade for Children telethon, watch these two little girls give an incredible performance, dancing to Jackie Evancho’s “Reflections.” The song lyrics and choreography are simply perfect- they are mirroring one another, representing their deep connection as sisters.

The applause they are given shows the support of the audience for the girls, but more than that, Gracie and Quincy share their bond.

You can tell the that the dance is an embodiment of the way that Gracie feels, and Quincy acts as her dream of ‘walking’. So touching, and so typical of everything sisters are and should be.

I lasted about 45 seconds before I was bawling. No shame here. Keep on dancing, girls.

JumbleJoy has more on this uplifting story:

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