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Luke Bryan’s Response to “American Sniper” haters is EPIC


Luke Bryan is a country star, and loves his country as much as he professes to in his songs. As a sister, cousin, and aunt to veterans and active duty from virtually every branch of military service, I can tell you that it certainly does me proud to see someone stand up for the red, white & blue.

Check out Luke’s ‘in-your-face’ response to the “American Sniper” haters.

When I hear some loud-mouth insulting our men and women in uniform, it makes my blood boil. Apparently I’m not the only one. Luke Bryan delivered a message to those who disparage our troops at one of his concerts, and the crowd when nuts.
From Q Political:

When American Sniper came out, it was lodged with a TON of hate from the annoyingly loud left-based media. It was very evident that liberals found the movie distasteful, and when conservatives found out it was under such scrutiny, it fought back with a vengeance unhindered like never before.

Surely you have seen one the MANY times when country music stars especially took time to tweet or make their opinion on the film vocal. This has to be one of the best ways we have seen their support of the film delivered. In this clip, Luke Bryan helps celebrate a girls 21st birthday, which I’m sure you can imagine: gets hilarious.

What happens at the end of the video is one of the funniest and coolest things ever. Right after the girl walked off stage Luke yelled out:

Last night in Indiana I went and saw American Sniper. If you don’t like that movie you can kiss all our asses!

He got tired of all the people hating on the movie and insulting our troops, so he followed up with saying;

I wanna thank all our troops, our armed forces, those that keep us free. Thank you so much!

Thank YOU, Luke Bryan. A god-fearin’, country lovin’, good old boy hunting dose of patriotism is just what this country needs. I’m glad you have the guts to call out the haters and tell it like it is, and boast about the greatness of America. May you be blessed all of your days.
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Full story at Right Wing News:

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