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70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz: Can This Happen Again? [VIDEO]


Seventy years ago, Allied Forces liberated 7500 prisoners from Hitler’s death camp Auschwitz.   

According to  the Wollheim Memorial, “it is estimated that of the 750,000 concentration camp prisoners sent out on death marches in the war’s final weeks alone, between 250,000 and 375,000 were murdered.

The brutal acts and killings frequently took place in the public streets, before the eyes of the German population”.

How could this have happened, we ask?  Evil has always existed, and we must not forget the past, nor close our eyes to the present.

The Nazi “Final Solution to the Jewish question” included concentration camps and gas chambers.   They were first built to hold and to torture political opponents and “racially undesirable elements”.

Adolph Hitler was responsible for the deaths of nearly 7 million people, principally Jews, but including other ethnic groups as well.  In one of the greatest achievements of America and her allies, Hitler’s reign was ended, and the camps were liberated.  Most of the world rejoiced, for Hitler was planning to take over Europe, if not the world.

It is instructive today to remember just how this movement progressed in Germany, the actions which gradually took basic human rights away from Jews.  The British Library of the UK details it all.

Here is some of it, shortened for brevity:

Link: /decrees.html


  • Jews no longer allowed to vote and lose German citizenship
  • Benefit payments to large Jewish families stopped
  • Jews banned from parks, restaurants and swimming pools
  • Jews forbidden to use the German greeting ‘Heil Hitler’
  • Jews no longer allowed electrical/optical equipment, bicycles, typewriters or records
  • Passports for Jews to travel abroad restricted
  • Many Jewish students removed from German schools and universities


  • Special identity cards issued to Jews
  • Kristallnacht (9 November) – a night of terrible violence in Germany. German and Austrian Jews are murdered, synagogues burnt and desecrated and shop windows destroyed. Thousands of Jews are arrested
  • Jewish children expelled from German schools
  • Jews’ passports stamped with a red letter ‘J’. Some have passports removed to prevent them leaving the country.


  • Jews evicted from their homes without reason and notice
  • Jews’ radios confiscated
  • Jewish curfew established


  • Jews’ telephones confiscated
  • Jews no longer receive ration cards for clothes


  • Jews over 6 forced to wear a Yellow Star of David with ‘Jew’ written on it
  • Jews Forbidden to use public telephones
Today in Europe anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head once again, and many Jews are fearing for their lives.  The massive influx of Muslims all over Europe endangers the Jews who live there, as radical Islam seeks the death of every one of them.  Islam once again seeks to take over Europe on its way to taking over the world.

As revealed in The Guardian, in just one week in France in 2014, eight synagogues were attacked or firebombed, one by a mob of 400 people.   A kosher supermarket and pharmacy were smashed and looted; the crowd’s chants and banners included “Death to Jews” and “Slit Jews’ throats”.

In Germany last month, molotov cocktails were lobbed into the Bergische synagogue in Wuppertal – previously destroyed on Kristallnacht – and a Berlin imam, Abu Bilal Ismail, called on Allah to “destroy the Zionist Jews.

A long listing of recent attacks worldwide, except for those in America, can be found here:

In America, antisemitism is on the rise, particularly on college campuses.  For instance, The Vassar Students for Justice in Palestine published a Nazi World War II propaganda poster on May 2014.  Swastikas have been painted on dorm rooms and a Jewish student at University of North Carolina at Charlotte was told to “go burn in an oven”.   This begs the question as to just what is being taught in our schools and just who is teaching it.

For those of you who wish to learn more about Hitler’s “Final Solution”, I recommend the highly acclaimed 1996 book written by one of my high school friends, Gene Church – Mengele 80629.  It is the true story of one survivor of Auschwitz, and it will be the most difficult book you will ever read.  You will almost feel that you are in the camp.  One review says: This book is one of the most powerful Holocaust books that I have ever read and it will grip you intensely from beginning to end. It is extremely well written.  The book is available on Amazon, and it was available in my small town library.

It is important that details have been preserved in this way.   We must never forget – never!

70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation


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