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$50 Fine for Sagging Pants in Some Parts of Louisiana


I am so tired of going into the ‘urbanized’ areas of town and seeing nothing but pairs of boxer shorts, underpants, and sometimes even bare bums showing as people continue the ridiculous so-called ‘fashion’ of sagging pants.

One Louisiana parish has decided enough is enough, reports Fox News:

The Jefferson Davis Parish Police Jury has unanimously passed an ordinance making it illegal for any person to appear in a public place wearing pants below the waist and exposing the skin or undergarments.

Police Juror Steve Eastman initially asked the panel to consider banning saggy pants at the parish courthouse in January in response to courthouse employees’ complaints about having to see people’s underwear and body parts.

Juror Bryon Buller took the suggestion a step further and asked the panel to consider making it illegal for anyone to show their undergarments in public to limit indecent and lewd behavior.

Jurors approved the ordinance Wednesday.

The American Press reports those violating the law face a $50 fine for the first offense and a $100 fine for each subsequent violation.

Can we make this a Constitutional Amendment, or at least mandatory in all 50 states?


Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPkatie

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