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14 States That Are Actually Trying To HELP Obama with Amnesty


Though many Americans have spoke out against amnesty, and illegal immigration has reached an all time high in the US, there is a shocking list of 14 States that are actually SUPPORTING President Obama in his ridiculous attempts to keep illegals on American soil.

H/T to Conservative Tribune:

California, not surprisingly, is leading a charge of predominantly Democratic states and the District of Columbia to overturn a U.S. district court’s recent ruling that Obama does not have the authority to grant amnesty from deportation.

Breitbart reporter Robert Wilde cited Thursday’s Los Angeles Times, which claimed lawyers from the 14 states and D.C. had filed a brief asking a federal appeals court to abolish the district court’s ruling.

The lawyers claim “a single state cannot dictate national immigration policy.” But, apparently, by some unknown reasoning, 14 can.

It is hard to determine, though, whether blue states such as California, New York and Illinois actually welcome the illegal aliens or are just concerned with their own financial bottom lines.

In general, the states believe that if illegal immigrants are free of deportation threats, they will work in legal capacities, which allow the states to tax their income and increase their revenues.

The leftist think tank, the Center for American Progress, believes that, after amnesty, California could raise its revenues by nearly $1 billion in five years.

That is why California Attorney General Kamala Harris said her state had a “major stake in the successful implementation of the president’s immigration actions.”

But one wonders if these states are considering the expenses these immigrants have generated since they crossed the border illegally and covertly settled in.

By concentrating on the positive side of the ledger, the 14 states seem to be ignoring the red ink produced by providing support for individuals who are not legally supposed to be in this country.

Ultimately, giving amnesty to illegal immigrants is not likely to result in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that states such as California currently imagine.

Amazing to thing that this lawsuit could actually allow amnesty on a ‘states right’s’ type platform. Not so much amazing as it is sickening. Calling our representatives and telling them you do not support amnesty is a step all Americans need to take.

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Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie


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