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12 Things Obama Gives Illegals a.k.a: “Americans-in-waiting” – #7 is Shocking


We do a lot to welcome Obama’s “Americans-in-waiting”, as our President now calls them. Illegal aliens are flooding our southern borders because of President Obama’s welcome sign, over 100,000 from Central America alone.

Obama is getting testy over a Congress who would try to stop him.  A judge recently declared Obama’s actions as probably illegal, demanding a stop to he program until a higher court hears the case.  Undeterred, Obama recently said, “Have a vote on whether what I’m doing is legal – I will veto.”  If our dictatorial President thinks it’s the right thing to do, then that will be that, for he knows what is best for us.

The court could charge the DHS with contempt as it continues to swiftly violate the injunction – but don’t hold your breath.  The government is seeking a company who can expeditiously process 5 to 6 million illegal immigrants.

Here is some of what we do to welcome Obama’s Americans-in-waiting:

1) Obama has threatened “consequences” for ICE agents who don’t follow his Executive Amnesty orders, in spite of the Injunction.

2) Obama greeted with open arms thousands of young illegals from Central America, pledging to Central American Presidents that illegal immigrants from their countries will get a fair deal in America’s courts, via his DREAMERS Act.

3) Obama has asked for millions of dollars for lawyers for these illegals, to ensure their due process rights.

4) The United States is now in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, conducting a refugee/parole program which will provide safe passage to America, while newspapers in those countries encourage its citizens to head to America.

5)  An Obama judge just last month invited repatriated illegals to return, and to seek U.S. jobs.

6) We now have in place the extension of a work visa program which allows spouses of some visa holders to obtain working papers.

7) Our DHS Secretary is unable to cite any law authorizing Obama to give Social Security Numbers to illegals, but it is being done anyway.

8) Obama has sued the state of Arizona over their use of profiling in order to check on the legality of those they arrest, saying states are not allowed to participate in seeing that federal laws are upheld.

9) Most of the Central American illegals have been dropped at local bus stations and do not come back for their required court dates. They are among us, in our schools, paid for by us taxpayers.  They have been parceled out all across America, usually with no notice.

10) Illegal immigrants amnestied by Obama are eligible for up to $9,182 in cash benefits every year.

11) Even illegal immigrants who didn’t pay taxes will be able to claim back-refunds once they get their (illegal) real Social Security numbers under Obama’s orders.

12) The possibility exists that, lacking the facilities and staffing to quarantine or test for diseases, we could be releasing illegals who carry diseases.  Legal immigrants are evaluated thoroughly, illegals are not.

Just what can Congress do about all this without a Republican President?  Almost nothing is the answer.

If we conservatives could get 60 votes in the Senate to overturn this Executive Order and we sent it to the President’s desk, Obama would veto it.  We would then need 66 votes to override the veto.

Ted Cruz has noted that the GOP leaders are the ones who chose to add funding for illegal amnesty to the bill funding the DHS – an impossibly stupid idea.  Why on Earth were they not two separate bills?

So now we see that Republican leaders were never intent on stopping the program. Democrats and many Republicans are really fine with it all, so we will never reach that 66 number to override the veto.

Our only hope is to have a Republican President who will actually, with a stroke of HIS pen, declare this and most Executive Orders null and void, which the law allows.

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