Youth Moral Depravity: Our National Shame

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In a time where America yearns for the values that made it great, there are authors, with significant youth backing, encouraging blind hedonism and the destruction of a proper youthful integrity. Woefully, I write in response to an email I received from a concerned mother.

She describes a relationship with her son that has become more and more distant. She worries about the media he consumes and was always careful to set a good example in his upbringing. As he comes to age though, she has seen an increasing amount of troubling ideas emanating from him. She says her foremost concern is her son’s outlook on the future—which can only be described as morbid.

Recently, her son has taken a particular interest in a number of dissident blogs ripe with youth dissatisfaction.

wolf-vs-sheep-web_thumb[1]I too have taken an interest in these sites and so far have been appalled.

One of the websites that is often in the web history of the son, the mother says, is the website Return of Kings. I have gotten some emails about this site in the past so I decided to take a look.

What I found is an enclave of hate, rage, and misinformation. Allow me dear readers to point out one of the more despicable punks and hopefully, throughout the article, demonstrate the need to add this to the list of websites your children are not allowed to view. Herein we will discuss a writer with a history of spewing vitriol. Douglas (linked here) is nothing short of an extremist in line with the more militant of internet radicals.

I have looked through the history of said individual and have found the following most deplorable. In his latest article, he advocates for what he calls a “double blue pill”. The language he uses comes from the movie the Matrix where the “red pill” represents the real world and the “blue pill” represents a computer simulation. In recent years, this terminology has become popular with younger anti-establishment types to indicate what is a brutal truth (“red pill”) and a societal lie (“blue pill”). Now, the “double blue pill” becomes a bit more nuanced as he describes. The “double blue pill” is the process of “doubling down” on untruths so that the perceived “irrationality” may “counter itself” thus “neutraliz[ing] one cause by invoking arguments for another.” As an example he offers that a man who hears a woman complaining about him not holding the door for her should “double blue pill” by remarking that she is a “sexist dinosaur” for “upholding traditional gender standards.” Douglas holds that this should either reveal the futility of the dialectic or force someone to argue against aspects of their own belief system. This is a dangerous method of discourse.

The youth are our future, but it is clear from Douglas’s other articles that he and many others no longer see a future in the United States. Should children really listen to the advice of a political opportunist that seeks to sow discord by this pill or that one?

No matter if we disagree with our countrymen we should not resort to disingenuous behavior.

The constitutional narrative of our founding fathers has the high ground! We have no need to pretend.

The youth are trading in their American flags for extremism at the expensive of others. Is this how a proper society is reformed? Can you imagine raving bands of nihilistic “double blue pillers” parading about the street or collecting in hives of nefarious office buildings plotting their next move? Insanity to think this will be the solution to the problems at hand or a remedy to a young persons troubles.

What happened to common decency? Do we as proud Americans let this grimy band of “returning kings” start garnering cult followers or do we attack it at its very core? We must stand on principle with our fellow man. If we cannot be decent and courteous to our brothers than what right do we have to call ourselves Americans? We must preach virtue not malevolent scheming. The basis of a civil society is founded fundamentally on rational self-interest. I think this man has forgotten the rational element. One may find cannibalism in one’s self-interest, but it is not rational. This is where Douglas makes his categorical mistake in conflating the two concepts. The civil society must delineate between the two in order to function properly. The degradation he calls for undermines the rational systems of governance the society has established. How could this possibly help the floundering republic? Using unethical schemes for laughs is hardly a prescription for the real issues occurring in the world.

Unfortunately for him, there are those among the populace who will stand against such a hellish view. Let us not underestimate this emerging subculture or brush it aside as some other outlet for youth angst. This sort of immoralism, whether knowing or unknowing, is being engaged in more and more. The relevance of people like Douglas shows that the youth lack proper role models in society. This I believe is where the people must start. We must be the examples and create the heroes and the literature to encourage our youth. I believe this is where we can help the mothers, of the world, in a clamor over their sons. One would be hard pressed to find a positive hero for a young man or women to identify with in the last fifty years—let alone in modern America. Forget the Douglases and create the Reagans. I hope this clears this matter up for you all. Thanks for the email HG, I wish you the best.

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