You’re Not Going to Believe What’s Being Taught in LA Public Schools

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Public schools today don’t allow prayer at the beginning of the day  Bible study is a no-no as well.  A student can’t say a prayer as part of a valedictory speech, they’ve even stopped student speakers from speaking about Jesus Christ in the sense of the person who’s made the most difference in their life.  Passover isn’t mentioned in a public school either.

It’s that “wall of church and state” thingy that liberals seem to think is written somewhere in the Constitution.

The public schools in Los Angeles have pushed the envelope to beyond the breaking point though.  At least that’s the position of families in one school district.

This topic was discussed at a conference in Los Angeles.

While teaching Islam, along Christianity and Judaism, is an important part of history, the educators present at the AFA lecture pointed out that History Alive pays an enormous amount of time and attention to Islam (55 pages) in the seventh grade. When teachers were asked whether Christianity (16 pages, which focused mainly on the Crusades) and Judaism (1 page) were given the same amount of attention in the classroom, they were told yes — but in sixth grade.


Maurey Williams, who taught History Alive between 1995-2001, pointed out that certain teachers in City Heights Horace Mann Middle School in San Diego would ask students to recite the “Shahada”. The “Shahada” is the Islamic profession of faith. Students were also reportedly asked to select a Muslim name from a list of 30. The same treatment reportedly did not apply when teaching Christianity or Judaism.

And then there’s the textbook.

…when teaching about Christianity, the textbook presents disclaimers such as “Christians believe,” implying an absence of credibility or historical evidence. Whereas the teachings of “Islam are presented as facts.” In a segment on Judaism, the book writes, “Moses claimed to receive the 10 Commandments from God.”

When it came to Islam? “Muhammad received the Qur’an from God.”

It’s looking like public schools, at least in California, may be on their way to sanctioning Madrasaes, or Islamic schools.

…in San Diego, a publicly-funded charter school recently changed its name from the Jackson Charter to Iftin Charter. The school teaches grades K-8 and female students dress from head to toe in traditional Islamic clothing. 

Could you imagine the outcry if a charter school named itself the Resurrection Savior Charter?  We’re pretty sure it wouldn’t last 10 minutes.  Oh, and where are the feminists protesting a dress requirement for females?  A tad misogynistic wouldn’t you say?

Apparently not.  Of course, protesting outside a Christian school isn’t likely to get you beheaded.

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