Will the Republican Senate Force Democrats to Shut Down DHS? Short Answer is …

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Not likely.  MItch McConnell is in the process of caving and the poster boy is Mark Kirk from Illinois.  Kirk is up for reelection in 2016 and it looks like Mitch is going to make him toe the line.

Here’s what Kirk said earlier this week.

Republican Sen. Mark Kirk, who is up for reelection in blue Illinois in 2016, was more direct. “If they’re [Senate Democrats] cynically trying to restart the government-shutdown battle, they should be blamed directly. … It’s a very dangerous game. If we have a successful terrorist attack—all the dead Americans from that should be laid at the feet of the Democratic caucus,” Kirk said. …

“In the end, they have to defend the country. They have sworn the allegiance to do that. They need to live up to their oaths of office,” Kirk said. “In the Democratic mind, politics is everything. I would say to them, politics is not everything. If you don’t have a country to defend, what is the purpose of politics?”

Remember, what we’re talking about is that the DHS is only funded through the end of February.  The whole point of passing the whole budget minus DHS back in December was so that the issue of Obama’s illegal amnesty could be defunded this month.  The House did their part and passed DHS funding minus the money to hand out work permits.  The Senate has brought up the House bill three times and it was filibustered three times.

We’d like to see it brought up again, and if Democrats won’t vote for it, let them bear the heat for shutting down all of the Department of Homeland Security.  If it passes the Senate and the President vetoes is, let President Obama explain why he’s willing to shut down Homeland Security for the sake of five plus million illegal aliens.

The problem is, Mitch McConnell.  The real question is, does he not have the spine for the fight or does he agree with what Obama is doing with his executive amnesty?

We’re guessing both.  Here’s Mark Kirk yesterday.

Republican Sen. Mark Kirk said Wednesday that his party made a mistake by picking a fight over President Barack Obama’s immigration actions, and said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) should bring up a “clean” bill to keep the Department of Homeland Security funded.

“I generally agree with the Democratic position here. I think we should have never fought this battle on DHS funding,” the Illinois senator said in the Capitol. “I think it’s the wrong battle for us at the wrong time.”

Does the GOP share blame for the impasse over DHS?

“It does,” Kirk said. “Had I been consulted, which I wasn’t, I don’t think we should have ever attached these issues to DHS funding. I always thought the burden of being in the majority is the burden of governing.”

We made a mistake by picking a fight over illegal actions by the President.  Needless to say, other spineless Republicans, like Jeff Flake, are on board with the President as well.

We’re asking you to call your Senator and insist that Republicans grow a spine and force the Democrats to either stand against the President’s illegal actions or shut down Homeland Security.

This action is what the Republican leadership promised us in December when the passed the budget.

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