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You Won’t Believe Why Vox Wants College Girls Unarmed


Vox, the self-proclaimed website for dangerously stupid and helpless liberals, wants to make sure college girls are not allowed to arm themselves. Their justification: it won’t stop campus rape.

You might think I’m taking them out of context, misquoting, or painting innocent statements in the worst possible light. I forgive you for your lack of faith, because make no mistake, you’d be very wrong. It’s the title of the article. Read for yourself, No, giving college students guns won’t stop sexual assault

Vox Vox-plains Denying Women the Right to Protect Themselves

crazyThe author is not merely making the (correct) argument that concealed carry will not put an end to all (or even most) campus sexual assault.

The great majority of sexual assault, including on college campuses, is perpetrated by not by the proverbial stranger in the dark alleyway, but by acquaintances, dates, and boyfriends.

A gun in the purse does not come close to guaranteeing an end to that. We stipulate that, but I will also posit below that concealed carry’s effect of even those kinds of sexual assaults would be far higher than zero, and therefore well worth it.

The author merely starts there. The point of the article is to argue against allowing concealed carry on campus. She ridicules the notion that concealed carry would have prevented (or put a very early halt to) things like the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. She goes on to claim that even the argument that it is a deterrent to sexual assault is “dangerous, because it obscures the truth about sexual assault in favor of stereotypes about rapists who hide in the bushes.”

She states:

The argument that guns could help turn the tide on campus sexual assaults implicitly devalues sexual assaults without physical force as not part of the problem. They’re most of the problem — and they’re going to be harder than this to solve.

She’s wrong about that, that the argument “implicitly devalues sexual assaults without physical force”, by which she means acquaintance or date rape. She believes the pro-carry believers imagine that the “rapist hiding in the bushes” are the only would-be rapists

I know this is hard for liberals, so I’ll purposely use small words. I will not, however, insert “like” into every sentence. Sorry. It goes like this:

Why Concealed Carry Works

Criminals LOVE innocent and helpless victims. They love an easy score. They love gun-free zones. I know, I know. But trust me, Oceans Eleven is not real, and only in Fast Five do people drag a room-sized safe through city streets with race cars.

Criminals do NOT love uncertainty, and they do not willingly choose dangerous victims. In a concealed carry society, there may be only 1% of people who are armed. But to the criminal, it may as well be 20%. Because you just don’t know who is and who is not armed. Criminals are opportunistic. They will tend not to buck the odds, and will gravitate to areas where it is more safe to commit their crimes (like gun-free zones). Now the “opportunistic” versus “dedicated and habitual” criminal is a sliding scale. There are many who are less easily deterred by risk. But those on the opportunistic end of the scale can be curbed.

concealed_carry_shortsOK, so hopefully there’s no debate as to the deterrent effect on the proverbial “rapist hiding in the bushes”. It certainly will not cut those rapes down to zero, but it most certainly would curtail those. But what about acquaintance and date rapes? Again, I will stipulate that all crime will not magically disappear with concealed carry on campus. Nobody says that. But if “AnyState U” adopts a liberal (in the original and finest sense) policy that fully endorses concealed carry on campus, then women are not guaranteed to be helpless.

If you are that opportunistic predator, this will be somewhere in the back of your mind. You have that girl trapped in your apartment or dorm room, and you may be able to coerce or intimidate her into sex. She might even act like she enjoys it. But at some point it’s time for her to leave. She will get her clothes back on, get tidied up, smile, and pick up her purse to go. And in the back of your mind, you know…. There is that chance, maybe that 1% chance, that she’ll pull a gun out and shoot you full of holes.

Obviously the more hard-core criminal predator men would have more control over the situation, and would absolutely check the purse at some point in the proceedings. But I suggest that many or most of these guys are trying to “have their cake and eat it too” – to pretend they are not violating a girl. And checking the purse pushes them past that fuzzy gray line. They won’t check. And they’ll wonder. And some of them, many of them will not risk it. Maybe only 5% of acquaintance and date sexual assaults will never happen. Maybe 20%. But definitely not 0%.

That’s not a fanciful theory. Concealed carry reduces crime by significant rates. It reduces person-on-person violent crime. And it will reduce acquaintance rapes and date rapes on campus.

Vox can advocate against concealed carry for women. But it’s a wrong against women to deny them the means to protect themselves.

(h/t ZIP at WeaselZippers)

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