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VIDEO of Rapper “Afroman” Punching Out Female Fan Onstage: Why Isn’t This POS Still in Jail?


Now you tell me this a-hole should be walking around right now. Talk about a menace to society? “Rapper” Afroman brutally assauts a female fan onstage in front of everyone – and doesn’t miss a beat. This is a psychopath that oughta be in prison. Right now:

TMX reports some venues are cancelling this animal from performing, yet some have embraced the jerk:

The rapper had 7 dates scheduled in the coming weeks, but we’ve learned 3 venues have already cancelled. One of them … Ziggy’s By the Sea in Wilmington, NC … tells us they have a very Christian audience that won’t tolerate the kinda thing that went down Tuesday night in Biloxi, MS.

We also called Park Street Saloon in Hilliard, OH … and we’re told they cancelled Afroman’s show two minutes after seeing the video.

Another venue told us it’s still on the fence — however, 2 others say they’re going forward with the scheduled shows.

Afroman actually played Wednesday night in Georgia, and says … “The venue supported with excellent security and everyone had a great time.”



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