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Video of Uprising in Texas: Prison on Lockdown as Illegals Take Over [BREAKING VIDEO]


2,000 inmates at a detention facility housing mostly illegal immigrants in south Texas took over part of the Willacy County Correctional Center. Multiple agencies, including federal and state authorities, were called to secure the perimeter as inmates refused to participate in regular work duties or attend breakfast early Friday morning.

The prison facility is on lockdown as of this writing. Authorities are trying to regain control.

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The uprising led to an extended standoff between guards and inmates.  Reports from Saturday afternoon indicated that the facility was secure, and the inmates, who had been wielding pieces of pipe, were compliant – although officials were still in “talks” with them to regain control of the entire prison.

According to early reports, the disturbances at the facility were enough to bring in additional law enforcement:

A[s]corrections officers took breakfast to housing units as inmates began voicing their frustrations about medical services, the director said.

Some inmates broke out of the housing area and made their way into the recreational yard prompting a lockdown of the prison. Some inmates were seen shaking the fence.

Tear gas was used in an attempt to break up the disturbance, the prison spokesperson said in a news release. …

Small fires broke out in three of the units, and the Raymondville Fire Department is on scene for precautionary measures.

Schools in Raymondville, TX, a small town with a population of about 11,000, were reportedly on lockdown Friday afternoon.

Raymondville as marked in south Texas. (Google map)

The Willacy prison houses mostly illegals.  The latest reporting from Saturday evening indicates that about 2,800 inmates will have to be moved elsewhere following the uprising, because the damage done has made much of the facility “uninhabitable.”

Read the whole story HERE:

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