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Trash-Talking Thug Takes On Jr. ROTC: Then This Happens..


An unarmed black teen gets his ass handed to him, but it’s not likely Eric the Red will be showing up here.  Nor will Jesse or Al.

This took place at a Florida high school.  The high school has a Junior Marine ROTC unit and after training one afternoon Tyrone decided he’d show these crackers what “tough” means.  Tyrone has obviously never studied anything about the US Marine Corps.

So Tyrone starts taunting one of the JROTC students, called him a gay slur and a “fat cracker.”  You’ll see him get in the JROTC student’s face with his hands up in a fighting pose.

Then Tyrone gets a lesson about messing with Marines.  Even ones who aren’t really Marines yet.


Our son, when he was active duty, was in a Marine SpOps unit, stationed in-country at Camp Pendleton.  We went out to visit him and we were strolling around Oceanside, the town that is next to the main gate.  There are lots of Marines strolling around Oceanside, they’re easy to spot.  There are also a fair number of local gangbangers.  They too are easy to spot.  I asked our son if they ever had any run-ins with the punks.

He snorted and said, “Yeah.”  And then related a story about two guys from his unit who were walking along the street and two car loads of bangers – ten guys – pulled up and jumped them.  A local merchant call the cops.  It took the cops about 10 minutes to get to the scene.  According to our son, they pulled up, got out of their cars, sat down on the hoods and watched until it became apparent that they were going to need a number of coroner’s wagons.

The cops broke up the brawl, eight of the bangers were arrested and taken to a local hospital.  One was OK to arrest and book and one got away.

Our son turned, looked at me with his thousand yard stare and said quietly, “And we know who the bastard is.”

We never brought the subject up again, but we do know that Marines have long memories.

Anyway, with respect to Tyrone and his friends, we’re pretty sure they won’t be messing with anymore Marines.


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