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Tom Selleck Talks About What it Means to “Support the Troops”


Tom Selleck Is a Vietnam era veteran. He served in the Army National Guard as a sergeant. He recently got the opportunity to talk about what it means to support the troops. Given the recent flap over comments by celebrities about Chris Kyle and the movie “Sniper” Selleck brought just the right words to his visit to the Merchant Marine Academy.

“We need to welcome home our troops regardless of whether you got political problems with whatever mission there on. They just served we need to thank him for it.”

We certainly take issue with the comments of celebrities like Seth Rogen and Michael Moore. We also take issue with people coming down on Rogen and Moore because they didn’t serve in the military. We have no problem with the fact that Rogen and Moore didn’t serve, and not serving should not deny them the right to their opinion no matter how stupid it is.

That’s one of the things that we like the most about free speech. This gives people the opportunity to speak their mind and leave no doubt about their credibility.

Another very interesting comment in this video was the cohost’s mention of the Coast Guard motto, Deeds Not Words. That motto, along with the motto of every other branch of the US military, separates honorable men from mere posers.

Our Poser in Chief is the prime example of one who is not fit to command. He is good with high sounding words that are never backed up by action.

So for our military men and women thank you for your valued service and we apologize for giving you a commander-in-chief who is not where the of your service.


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