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If You Thought Obama’s Refusal to Talk About Islamic Terrorism Was Bad…


President Obama refuses to use the words “Islam” or “Muslim” in the same discussion as “terrorism.” He seems to be sure that terrorism doesn’t exist within the realm of Islam. While that is far from the most outrageous thing he seems to believe, it’s probably the most dangerous.

Now, CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group that was found to be an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a terrorism case a number of years ago wants Obama to go even further. CAIR is closely aligned with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. As a matter of fact, the founders of CAIR were closely linked to the founders of Hamas.

CAIR was co-founded in 1994 by Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad, and Rafeeq Jaber, all of whom had close ties to the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), which was established by senior Hamas operative Mousa Abu Marzook and functioned as Hamas’ public relations and recruitment arm in the United States. Awad and Ahmad previously had served, respectively, as IAP’s Public Relations Director and President. Thus it can be said that CAIR was an outgrowth of IAP.

CAIR opened its first office in Washington, DC, with the help of a $5,000 donation from the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), a self-described charity founded by Mousa Abu Marzook. In May 1996, CAIR coordinated a press conference to protest the decision of the U.S. government to extradite Marzook for his connection to terrorist acts performed by Hamas. CAIR characterized the extradition as “anti-Islamic” and “anti-American.” When President Bush closed HLF in December 2001 for collecting money “to support the Hamas terror organization,” CAIR decried his action as “unjust” and “disturbing.”

They want assurances from the administration that would shield Muslim political leaders and clerics from being charged with supporting jihad terrorism.

The demands are being pushed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, just before Obama is slated to headline three days of White House meetings this week on federal efforts to mitigate the jihadi violence that is emerging from the growing population of Muslim immigrants.

Justice Department “policies should make clear that those who intervene to [stop attacks]should not suffer for it by being subjected to prosecution, watchlisting, or surveillance because of their association with a potential violent extremist…”

Here’s the real bottom line for the terrorist linked CAIR.

The U.S. must also change its foreign policy to reduce Muslim attacks, CAIR said. ”This discussion must also include America’s foreign policy. … Government actions at times help create an environment for violent extremists to exploit,” CAIR said.

In December, CAIR allied with a series of progressive and Islamist groups to demand a rollback of the U.S. surveillance programs.

A government program cannot, directly or indirectly, choose which views within Islam or particular imams and community leaders are worthy of support and which are not,” said the Islamic and progressive letter.

So, in order to stop the probability of jihadist attacks in the US we have to change our foreign policy and we have to support any view of Islam that pops up. In other words, CAIR expects us to turn into Saudi Arabia.


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