There Goes Jeb Bush … Here Comes

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Scott Walker.  Jeb Bush is the old GOP.  Scott Walker could be the face of the new GOP.  The Republican Establishment loves Jeb, and with Valentines Day coming up it’s appropriate that they’re working hard trying to put him at the top of a ticket that would make Mitt Romney or John Wayne Gacy McCain look like Barry Goldwater.

It’s looking less like that may happen.

The team that is building Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s political organization for a possible presidential campaign has brought on a GOP strategist with Iowa ties: David Polyansky.

Polyansky, a Texan who played senior roles in two Iowa presidential campaigns and was a top strategist in Republican Joni Ernst’s successful campaign for U.S. Senate this past fall, will be Team Walker’s senior adviser in Iowa, sources told The Des Moines Register Thursday.

We want to be clear here.  We detest caucus states and Iowa more than any.  They have nothing to do with being able to win an election.  A caucus, and especially the Iowa caucus is all about being able to drag single interest voters out into a freezing cold night so they can “vote” as they are told to “vote.”  For the most part that’s why Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum both became national candidates.  They squeeked out wins in Iowa with single issue Christian voters who were bused into caucus meetings for the sole purpose making sure the GOP nominated somebody who would support both a human life amendment and a traditional marriage amendment to the Constitution.

The problem with these idiots is that none of them know anything about either issue and both Santorum and Huckabee gave smiling support to “solutions” that would never pass muster and would not have solved the perceived problems of abortion and gay marriage anyway.

It appears as of today – and the actual voting is a year away – that both Huckabee and Santorum may make a run in Iowa.  Jeb Bush is giving it a pass because he’d likely get four or five votes.

If Scott Walker is going to make a run he has to do well in Iowa.  It’s a neighboring state.  It’s the first test of a candidate and the winner takes momentum into New Hampshire and gets a huge amount of national face time.  As much as we hate it, it’s important to play and to win.

By bringing in the guy who got a complete unknown over the finish line in 2008 and who helped Joni Ernst pull out a huge win last November, Walker has a guy who knows the ground and he will hit the ground running by putting together a strong organization.  He knows all the big players and that’s what wins Iowa.

Scott Walker is already becoming the new face of a GOP willing to take the fight to the Democrats and he’s proved he knows how to win.  He’s won three elections in four years and conventional wisdom said that the money and forces aligned against him would stop him.  But in a pretty liberal state he’s stopped public employee unions in their tracks, balanced the budget – he inherited a $1B hole from the Democrat who preceded him – and last year lowered property taxes for the first time in history.

Walker has set a standard for governance.  In neighboring Michigan, Republican Governor Rick Snyder has taken on the unions, signed right-to-work legislation and balanced a budget that was every bit as big a disaster as the one Walker faced.  This month a Republican. Bruce Rauner, is gearing up to take on the unions and the big spenders in Illinois.  Walker led the way.

Walker isn’t perfect, we have issues with his stance – whatever it is – on illegal immigration.  No matter what his stance though, he’s better than Bush, Huckabee, or Santorum.  By a long shot.

We’re actually watching Iowa with some excitement this year.  Go Scott Go!!


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