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The Barbarians at the Gares: ISIS & Obama vs Western Civilization


The barbarians, ISIS, Muslim terrorists to their core, are at the gates of Western Civilization.  They are currently barely 200 miles from Italian soil.

Here’s Ollie North and Greta on the situation.

The US, under President Obama’s command has refused to supply intelligence to the Egyptians or the Jordanians to coordinate air strikes against ISIS.  This is happening while State Department SpokesTwit Marie Harf is talking about “our allies” who are fighting against ISIS and declaring the solution to the situation of Islamic terrorism – she didn’t say the words – is a jobs program.

The White House Press Corps needs to get some spine and start asking why this President is playing golf while refusing “our allies” basic military intelligence so they can fight effectively against Muslim terrorists.

One of these leaders is taking the war to ISIS.  One of them thinks ISIS isn’t Islamic.


Are you ashamed of America yet?


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