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Texas Judge Rules on Obama Amnesty … His Verdict …


Texas Governor Greg Abbot, last year as Attorney General of Texas, filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration seeking to block Obama’s amnesty order that will turn about six million illegal aliens loose on the economy with work permits.

Judge Andrew Hannon ruled in favor of Abbot and against the Obama administration today, issuing a temporary halt to the Obama amnesty plan.

Senate Republicans have been making a lot of noise about the Obama amnesty plan, they’ve brought the House version of the Department of Homeland Security budget – the one that denies funding to amnesty – and it was filibustered by Democrats three times.  Mitch McConnell is now trying to find a way to give Obama what he wants while saying the Senate Republicans are against amnesty.

The White House will appeal the judge’s order.

In a 123-page opinion handed down late Monday, Judge Andrew Hanen ruled that the Department of Homeland Security did not allow public comment on its rules implementing Obama’s executive action. He issued a preliminary injunction blocking the administration from implementing the deferred deportment program.

The White House immediately said that the Justice Department would appeal the decision.

This ruling will now go to the 5th Circuit in New Orleans.

Mitch McConnell hasn’t commented on the decision, we suspect he’s hoping Judge Hannon’s ruling has taken him off the hook.  It hasn’t.  The ruling only effects one small part of the amnesty program related to parents of children who are American citizens.

The federal government will file an appeal, likely by the end of the week, and the first indication of how the Circuit sees the ruling will be whether they grant a temporary injunction to stop the ruling and let the Obama administration proceed with their amnesty plan which was due to start tomorrow.


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