Teen Gets a Job AND a Lesson (LANGUAGE WARNING)

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A young girl got her first job.  Now when we read the original headline, we remembered our first job.  We were excited.  It was a “landscaping” job and our dad got it for us.  His best friend was the county sheriff in our little northern California county and he had a landscaping crew.  I got a job with that crew.  I was 15.  First job.  First “real money” that we’d earned all by ourselves.

Of course when we showed up for work the first day at 6am and discovered that we were the only paid landscaper on the crew, because the rest of the crew were inmates in the county lock-up, we had second thoughts.  But actually, everything worked out fine.

That wasn’t the case with little Cella.

Look, there’s Cella on her phone.  She’s sending out a Tweet.  That phone is not only a smartphone, it’s a whole lot smarter than Cella.

Hmmm.  Guess her mom and dad don’t check her Twitter feed.  But somebody does.  (Cue Jaws music.)

And that somebody would be Robert Waple.  Her boss.  Well, as it turns out, her “almost boss.”

Apparently, too hard.  We suspect Mr. Waple is a Republican.  And, of course, a racist.

Do we think little Cella, sweet little Cella, has learned anything from this incident?  Well, honestly, no.  On the other hand, she may grow up to be President.  After all, we’re sure the media will cover for her.  They’ve done an outstanding job covering for a guy who has the same attitude about his job and he currently IS the President.

PS:  A life lesson we just realized we learned on our first job.  That landscaping job.  The guys we worked with were better people that either Cella or her role model, Barack Obama.

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