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Should Obama Be Arrested? Ted Cruz Thinks So [VIDEO]


On Fox News with Megyn Kelly last week Senator Ted Cruz accused President Obama of being a counterfeiter.

The President has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to start printing “work authorizations” for up to 15 million illegal aliens.  As Senator Cruz notes, that is in direct conflict with current US law.

Obama and his Democratic supporters are claiming that all the President is doing is choosing not to prosecute illegal aliens.  As Cruz points out, that’s not at all what he’s doing with his latest action.  The President’s latest iteration on open borders immigration policies is to unilaterally give work authorization to people who, under current law, are not allowed to work in the US.

A federal judge in Texas agrees with Cruz, he slapped an injunction on the President’s amnesty program that was scheduled to start last week.  The order has stopped the Department of Homeland Security from proceeding with the work authorizations.  The Obama administration is appealing the ruling to the 5th Circuit, but because of the way the judge crafted the ruling it may be very difficult for the administration to prevail.

The ruling is on very narrow grounds, that the administration failed to follow federal law on rule making.  In other words, the President acted unilaterally and ignored the law.

Judge Hannon, in far away Texas, has done what the Republican leadership hasn’t even tried very hard to do over the past six years.  Stop the President in is self-absorbed role as dictator.


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