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STOLEN VALOR: Barack Obama’s VA Secretary Lies About His Military Service


Barack Obama’s latest iteration as Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert McDonald, just got caught and was forced to apologize for a lie he told about his military service.  Lying about military service is called “stolen valor” and is a crime in most states.

The usual perp is a couch potato who gets caught bragging about their heroic military service when, in fact, they never served.  Or, as is often the case, it’s a liberal who spent some time in a desk job in the service and inflates his resume to include combat tours and medals.

In this regard, McDonald is unusual.  He served in the 82nd Airborne and actually attended Ranger school but was never a Ranger.  In a conversation with a veteran last week, the vet, a homeless man in LA, told McDonald he had been special forces.  McDonald told him that he had been special forces too.  Oops.  That’s a lie.

And that’s a pretty weak apology.  You’re only right on one point Mr. McDonald.  You have no excuse.

Let’s remember that McDonald was brought in to the VA to restore confidence in the agency that is supposed to caring for our veterans.  Before McDonald came in, VA hospital administrators were lying about scheduling appointments and wait times for vets.  As many as 40 may have died because of those lies.

Our bone to pick with McDonald is that he’s basically done nothing.  The former head of the Phoenix VA Hospital, where the mess was initially uncovered, was finally fired.  She has not been prosecuted, and we’d like to see her charged with negligent homicide.

The media is doing their best to cover up McDonald’s Stolen Valor episode.  They’re also doing their best to cover up the fact that he’s done nothing to reform the VA.

Will McDonald be called on to resign?  No silly.  He’s a Democrat.


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