Sex-Change: Sticking a Branch in Your Eye Doesn’t Make You a Tree

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So I read where Bruce Jenner wants to live life as a woman? He’s been heading that direction for some time – but I think this may mean he’s heading to the sex-change chopping block for the final transition, if you know what I mean…

I don’t profess to know everything there is to know about transexuals, transvestites, or Trans-Ams for that matter – but I do know this: You gotta be pretty unhappy with your current situation to pay a doctor to cut off your tallywhacker or your boobs. You must be convinced that happiness is on the other side of that operation.

Like I said, I don’t know much about the mental health profession – but I know when someone goes to cutting on themselves – something’s wrong.

These days when a person becomes convinced – for whatever reason – that they’ve been born with the wrong parts and they need to go through what must be a horrific ordeal to try and surgically and chemically be changed into a different gender than you started out; the “brave” person doing it is applauded in the media.

People like the man formerly know as Chastity Bono are paraded around and fallen all over for the courage to have her body mutilated and ingest and inject hormones to encourage facial hair and other male traits.

The media presents such people as brave role-models who are only doing what their heart and soul has told them all along to do.

Do me a favor:

Look at Chaz Bono’s eyes and tell me he / she is happy.

Even when CB is smiling, it doesn’t take a PhD to see that’s a sad person there.

I’m sorry, but sticking a branch in your eye doesn’t make you a tree – and having the means to get surgery, take hormones, inject steroids or whatever – I seriously doubt is going to make you happy.


Take a good look at Bruce Jenner.

He’s doing all of this sex-change-over with cameras rolling as part of a reality show. When it’s over, he’ll be a “woman” – smiling with a five o’clock shadow.

Let me ask you something before you get too all on your high-horse or angry:

What about these poor kids who get so depressed, lonely and unnapreciated that they start “cutting” on themselves? You’ve seen them, read about them. It’s sad and demented that a child of any age would go so far as to actually take a sharp object and open their skin just so they’ll feel something or get some attention. That kind of thing really pisses me off because you know those parents could have spent more time  with them and maybe they wouldn’t be cutting themselves up.

What would you say if a doctor said of such a child that they should be congratulated for acting out on their feelings by slicing their skin? That it’s “normal” if the kid thinks cutting themselves would bring relief to their unhappiness?

And yet, that’s what the contemporary doctor, psychologist or therapist will tell you about a person lopping their genitals off because they think they’re in the wrong body. In other words, an extreme version of cutting is fine, as long as it’s linked to sexuality? I don’t know.

When I was young I was producing a big radio show where we had on one of the first famous transexuals. She was a pretty well-known model who revealed she was born a man and had gone through complete sex-change surgeries to become a physical woman. She was very nice (and good-looking, if you stood back a couple feet) and I spent enough time with her to ask a question I just couldn’t help.

How does the sex-change surgery work?

I asked only because she brought up the fact that she could have sex with a man successfully – and it wasn’t “gay” sex, if you get my drift. This made me want to know just how the heck that was accomplished, so I asked her. I almost wished I hadn’t.

You can stop reading here if you’re squeamish, because the answer is NOT for the faint of heart. Just stop HERE.

She said that they cut the penis off, hollowed out a cavity inside her where a woman is supposed to have a cavity, skinned the penis, turned the skin inside-out and stuck the skin in the hole. Then they sutured it in to create the “vagina”.

I sat there motionless, with a million other questions – but she beat me to it by saying the way she has sex is the man enters in where the sheathed cavity is, now inside of her. In other words, the male is doing it inside the skin of her old penis.

Check please.

You know how when people lose a leg and they say they can still feel it? That’s all I could think of.

Okay, I know, I know – I’m not open-minded – but you see, I am.

I listened and tried to understand just how bad this person must have felt to actually pay for all that, along with the hormone treatments for years, having her Adam’s Apple cut out and fake breasts sewed in. Not to mention getting talked into it?

I came away very sad.

“Cutters” are looked at like mental cases – and they are. They need help and lots of it because the odds of them getting older and committing suicide are higher than for the rest of us who don’t take knives and razor blades to our body – screaming for help.

But if you have your breasts, genitalia or any other body part cut out in the name of sexuality – you’re a celebrity. A hero. Our culture has become sad and demented and that’s the truth.

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