Senator Warren Likely Having a Fit Over What Real Indians Love! You’ll Jump for Joy!!

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Senator Elizabeth Warren, Fauxcahauntis, the US Senator who claimed Cherokee tribal membership, is likely sputtering with indignation if she’s seen this.

As you’ll recall, The Senator from Massachusetts allegedly got hired onto the Harvard Law School faculty by claiming to be Cherokee. Harvard proclaimed her as their “first woman of color.” Unfortunately for Harvard, that color turned out to be lilly white, not Redskin red.

If the pasty white Senator is a member of any nation, it’s the Indig Nation not the Cherokee Nation.

Today’s news features another Indian nation that the phony Senator wouldn’t feel comfortable around, the Crow Nation in Montana.

The Crow Nation put up this billboard at the line where their nation begins.

The Crow Nation has ties to Pentecostal Christian denominations.

 In 1920 Pentecostal missionaries John and Georgia Forbes from the California’s Four Square Gospel Church came to the Crow Reservation. While there Joe and Nellie Pretty Eagle Stewart’s son passed away from an illness. Georgia comforted Nellie and eventually converted her to Christianity.

Since Nellie was also a respected Medicine bundle carrier, she was seen by locals as someone who had natural authority to be a minister.


“Nellie Pretty Eagle (Stewart) I think you can really call the founding pioneer of Crow Pentecostalism. She was the first Crow Pentecostal Pastor, and she was regarded highly and respected as a healer,” Clatterbuck said.

“She’d go fasting up in the mountains and would receive songs that would have power in them, and so she was a real interesting blend of traditional ways with the arrival of Pentecostalism.”

Small Pentecostal gatherings at homes eventually evolved into larger Sunday gatherings and the fellowship and feasts served afterwards brought the tribal members together.

The Crow obviously understand the true meaning of the scripture quoted on the sign.

Psalm 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he has chosen for his own inheritance.”

Real Indians, Senator Warren, love Jesus. There’s a lesson for you there Senator.

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