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Harry Reid Still Runs Senate Even With Republicans in Majority? Vote on Obama Amnesty Pending


That’s right. Mitch McConnell has a very short-term memory and he can’t count.

McConnell seems to have forgotten that Republicans, less than four months ago, won a landslide victory at the polls. He also seems to be a victim of Common Core math. He doesn’t understand that fifty-four is greater and forty-six. That makes Harry Reid still the man who runs the United States Senate.

McConnell told reporters Tuesday that after two months of begging, he would finally agree to give Democrats a clean vote to fund DHS through the end of the fiscal year. The funding, based on an agreement between Democratic and Republican appropriators last year, would come with no strings attached.

“I’ve indicated to the Democratic leader that I’d be happy to have his cooperation to advance the consideration of a clean DHS bill which would carry us through till September 30th,” McConnell said to press Tuesday.

What McConnell is going to do, spineless weasel that he is, is split the current legislation that funds the Department of Homeland Security but withholds funds to implement Obama’s illegal amnesty. He’ll have two votes.

The first vote will be on a “clean” DHS funding bill that funds the Department of Homeland Security including Obama’s illegal amnesty program.

The second vote will be on a separate piece of legislation that will defund Pres. Obama’s illegal amnesty program.

As McConnell was making the announcement to the Washington press corps, strains of the song that the Straw Man sang in The Wizard of Oz could be heard in the background.

There is a problem with McConnell’s newfound love for illegal immigration and Obama’s amnesty program. That problem looms as the House of Representatives. And John Boehner is The Man Behind the Curtain.

Democrats understand that passing his poker equivalents pair of deuces through the Senate will get through the House of Representatives in less Speaker Boehner is on board. It’s likely he won’t be.

McConnell will take some heat from a handful of Senate conservatives. There’s a very good chance, on the other hand, that if Boehner falls into line and allows Obama’s illegal amnesty plan to be approved at House of Representatives, House conservatives will revolt. If House conservatives revolt John will likely no longer be Speaker.

We are coming down to the wire. Obama and the Democrats are continuing to insist on “their way or the highway,” as they did when Harry Reid ran the Senate. Certainly the major media is geared up, once again, to accuse Republicans of seeking to shut down government. And Mitch McConnell, as usual, the showing off in his best spineless weasel suit.

The poster Spineless Weasel, John McCain, has already suggested that Republicans should pass a clean DHS bill and just let the courts deal with the Obama amnesty plan.

Funding runs out for the Department of Homeland Security on Saturday. Nevermind that probably 95% DHS employees are considered “necessary” and won’t be sent home, Democrats and the media will still accuse Republicans of putting our National Security at risk.

And when that happens the Republican leadership will look like this.

Welcome to Oz.


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