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Scott Walker Is Hated By All the Right People: Including The Washington Post


Scott Walker is the runaway front runner at this point in the 2016 Republican primary contest. He is absolutely The Man. We know that because the major media is waging an all out war on Walker.

In yesterday’s Washington Post the headline read Walker’s anti-union law has labor reeling in Wisconsin. Like that’s a bad thing.

It would appear the point Washington Post is trying to make is that workers should be forced to join organizations that do nothing for them.

After the passage of Act 10 public employee unions in Wisconsin lost the ability to bargain for anything but wages, and those had to be held to the cost of living. Walker’s concern, and Wisconsin voters concern, was that public employee unions are out of control and would bankrupt the state.

Act 10 effectively made Wisconsin a right to work state for public employees. It gave them the right to opt out of union membership. The net result was that Wisconsin teachers unions immediately lost over half their members. The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees lost up to 80% of their membership.

The net result of the union membership losses was a loss of political power in Wisconsin. Public employee unions no longer afford to buy off Democrats.

The bottom line for taxpayers, which the Washington Post studiously avoids addressing, is that a billion-dollar budget deficit that Walker inherited from a long line of Democrats is now gone, and property taxes were lowered last year for the first time in anyone’s memory.

Reading the Washington Post article you’d never know that Walker very popular in Wisconsin. He won his first election over the liberal Democrat mayor of Milwaukee by five points in a blue state. When he fought off the unions and got act 10 through the legislature and signed into law he fought off a recall election that brought in hundreds of millions of dollars of out-of-state Democrat and union money opposing him. He won the recall election by a larger margin than his initial election.

In his reelection campaign last year Democrats brought out the big guns. Everybody showed up to campaign against Walker and money poured into Wisconsin’s Democratic coffers. Walker won reelection by an even larger margin.

The problem the media has with Scott Walker is that unlike most state level Republicans Walker has been investigating and vetted over and over again. Democrats and union investigators could find nothing to bring down Scott Walker. Here’s what the Washington Post had to say yesterday.

The anti-union law passed here four years ago, which made Gov. Scott Walker a national Republican star and a possible presidential candidate, has turned out to be even more transformative than many had predicted.

Walker had vowed that union power would shrink, workers would be judged on their merits, and local governments would save money. Unions had warned that workers would lose benefits and be forced to take on second jobs or find new careers.

Many of those changes came to pass, but the once-thriving ­public-sector unions were not just shrunken — they were crippled.

Key comment in the article comes from Dan Anliker, a 34-year-old teacher. He said, The money I spend on dues is way more valuable to buy groceries for my family.”

The major media is also reduced to criticizing Walker because he dropped out of college in his senior year. Their latest “scandal” is that when Walker asked if he thought Barack Obama was a Christian he said “I don’t know.” He went on to note that he’s never read anything about it and never talk to Obama about and has no basis to form an opinion. He also noted that he didn’t know enough about the two Washington Post reporters who asked the question to know if they were Christians.

We like Scott Walker because he doesn’t run and hide. He stands for what he believes in and he fights. And he wins. Over and over again. He doesn’t let Democrats set his agenda.

That’s why Democrats are scared to death of Scott Walker.

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