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Rick Amato Takes On Costco For Practice of Political Retribution Against Employees: [VIDEO]


TV host Rick Amato wants his viewers to help him take on retail giant Costco for actively fighting against the political freedoms of its employees, inside and outside the workplace. Hard to believe, but here’s the bottom line:

You can be fired from Costco for your political actions – even when you’re not at work – and Amato has had enough!

The National One America News host of; “The Rick Amato Show” has put out a call to action against Superstore, big-box Costco, whose employees may be fired at will for their political beliefs.

Because Costco’s management and directors are littered with liberals, it doesn’t take a genius to see who the policy is aimed at:

Driven to action by what Amato says is clearly “fascist” behavior on the part of Costco management, the firebrand host has instructed his national viewership to call Costco’s head of investor relations, CFO and Executive Vice President, Richard Galanti; and put pressure on the company to change their policy of being able to dismiss employees who engage in political activities – even when outside the workplace.

Amato’s cause began when National Center Free Enterprise Project Director Justin Danhof appeared on The Rick Amato Show about how Costco management has creating an environment that allows for the potential political persecution of its employees in the workplace:

The National Center had asked Costco to amend its code of conduct to make sure employees at all of its stores cannot be discriminated against for their private political beliefs – a threat that exists for private sector employees in half of the United States.

Costco management fought the National Center’s shareholder proposal on the topic and won the ability to ignore it.

Furthermore, Costco Chairman Jeffrey Brotman rebuffed Justin at the company’s recent shareholder meeting, claiming the company had the situation under control and encouraged employee political participation.

Danhof told Amato on the show; “I think that it’s a pretty strange response, considering the fact that Costco has about 195,000 employees. I’m pretty sure that the chairman of the board can’t oversee every one of them on a daily basis to make sure that some supervisor in a Costco location isn’t taking an adverse action against them.”

Amato was outraged and responded with; “I’m going to make a call to action to our viewers right now:”

“If you are as troubled as I am, as Justin Danhof is, at the actions of Costco executive management allowing themselves to fire any employee – primarily conservative and libertarian employees – who have political speech outside of work which Costco does not agree with. If you want to call on this publicly-traded company to change their policy, we’re going to give out a phone number right now, on the screen… That is the direct line, direct phone number, directly to the executive vice president of investor relations for Costco, a gentleman by the name of Richard Galanti.”

Amato continued; “.. if Costco fired a gay employee there would be outrage as there should be. How is it different then to fire someone for his or her political speech or beliefs?”

Rick AmatoRick Amato is an award-winning talk show host and columnist.

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