Republicans’ War on the Poor… Photo IDs for …

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Voting?  Well, yeah.  But since this isn’t an election year that’s not a big deal.  We’ve been reporting on the Republicans’ War on the Poor.  First it was that they would have to have a job to collect food stamps.  Then, no junk food with food stamps.  Now, you guessed it, no food stamps without a photo ID.

Outrageous.  Republicans trying to shame the poor for using food stamps by requiring an ID.  After all, there’s not even a $1B in waste, fraud, and abuse in the Food Stamp program.  Republicans are trying to fund their friends in the Pentagon on the backs of the poor.  A Republican War on the Poor just so Republicans can declare war on innocent Muslims.

We find it interesting that no Democrats seem to have a problem with the idea that you have to have a photo ID to get into any government building, but you don’t need one to vote, to get food stamps, or to use food stamps.

Oh, and at Frys last week we used a credit card for a food purchase.  It was a real live Visa card.  Issued by a real bank.  We got asked for our ID.  We weren’t shamed by the idea that we had to show an ID, made us feel kind of secure knowing the clerk wanted to make sure the card was really ours.

Democrats don’t care about stopping, or even identifying, fraud as long as it’s their constituents who are doing it and the rest of us are paying for it.

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