Republicans Are At War in Maine… But Not on Women Unless…

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Unless they’re poor women.  Republicans in Maine have hearts as cold as their front yard.  As we type, it’s 10F in Portland.  Although this fight could stir up some interesting slings and arrows.

Maine Republicans want to take taxable food off the list of approved items for Maine residents who are on food stamps.  In Maine, “junk food” is taxable, so no more candy or cookies for poor Mainers.  Democrats have found a reason to fight that logic.

Get it?  Poor people won’t be able to buy a $1.99 cake for their kids if this passes.  Heartless Republicans.

Obviously, nobody thought that maybe a poor family that loves their kid might be able to find $1.99 SOMEWHERE in their household budget.  $1.99 people!  $1.99.


Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.  NUTRITIONAL.  Like fruit and veggies.  Maybe some meat.  Bread.  Rice.  Beans.  Not candy and Cheetos.  Here’s a thought for you.  If you want Cheetos, get a job.

Here’s another thought.  Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.

The HHFKA is a government program that dates all the way back to around 2009 or so.  It mandates that schools must, and that’s MUST with a capital “M” and that stands for MONEY! Must feed school kids lunches that have very specific nutrition properties.  You can read about the success of the program here.

The program that is currently feeding our little school kiddies food that has to be approved by this person.


Honestly, since the Hashtag Lady is so involved in feeding school kids healthy lunches (and if you read the above linked article, you’ll understand the oxymoron involved in the use of “healthy” and “lunches”) we’re wondering how she’s going to feel about people who think it’s important to allow poor people – who tend to have weight problems – to use their EBT full of government money to buy Cheetos.

Could there be a fight?

Oh Lord we hope so.

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